48 Comments on “Who Was The Heckler ? – Gay Rights Advocate Heckles Michelle Obama – O’Reilly”

  1. See what gay rights yall are pushing, is gonna do, and doing…lol!

  2. that 1/2 can hardly be considered a “dong” you need that little bit to piss
    out! trailer trash loser. go back to sodomizing chickens Maggot!

  3. Well, considering the democrats just helped shelve a bill that would have
    stopped the deportations of the foreign spouses of gay couples, I think she
    could have been a tad nicer to the heckler.

  4. They are so busy being there for the kids, that they are burying them in
    debt. I am I missing something?

  5. If you heckle me I do not care if you believe in cows playing basketball
    heckling is rude, so if you disrespect that person look to be disrespected
    back. Its elementary you remember how you had to raise your hand in
    elementary school and wait to get called on. Plus stick to the topic !!!!

  6. Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries✓ Anti-Whites say there
    should be no White Cities✓ Anti-Whites say there should be no White
    Neighborhoods✓ Anti-Whites say there should be no White Workplaces✓
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  7. Nothing to do with children? The executive order would prevent many
    children’s mothers or fathers from losing their jobs based on their

  8. “you understand me?” really?! shut up, Michelle, talking to the woman like
    she’s one of her daughters… wow that’s the first lady…beautif…

  9. Actually, he’s not pro homosexual at all. He’s pro anything that’ll get him
    a vote. He panders to any dumbass who’ll listen. Like you for example.

  10. Fund Raising for What? She should ask her ‘husband’ for the $6BILLION he’s
    GIFTING to the third fattest people on the planet! Mrs. Bawack got her
    money to speak and was actually being TOTALLY HONEST when she said ” I
    don’t CARE what YOU believe in!”

  11. this lady wanted to bash, and he didn’t even let her. Good for him! Shut it
    down. ES

  12. That’s right. That’s right…get the stepping. Ain’t nobody got time for
    hecklers nonsense.

  13. Lo que ni te puedes imaginar pu to de mierda ojala pierdas tu pito algun
    dia hijo de verga

  14. well those two nigger dykes have made more money in the past year then you
    would in 50 years. Jealousy isnt healthy

  15. Just because you’re ‘disgusted’ by the idea of gay rights doesn’t make it
    OK to discriminate on the basis of orientation. It’s the anti-gay
    lobbyists, etc that are sticking their noses into peoples bedrooms and
    discriminating on the basis of what they find there. ‘Hard to walk with a
    straight face’? Maybe you should cut back on the booze when commenting on
    YT while out for a stroll!

  16. Gay rights advocate? Heckles first lady… her husbands constituents
    heckling her. And her heckler was one of the people that believe their
    bedroom preferences affords them rights or privileges from our government.
    And the average taxpayer that does not agree at all with that sort of thing
    is to pay for whatever entitlement these people believe they deserve. Hard
    to walk with a straight face trying to hide how disgusted I am with this
    world I live in.

  17. Hey, dont forget, “angry black woman that happens to be the presidents
    wife”. 😉

  18. She looks like one of those Williams sisters….you know….those two
    nigger tennis dykes.

  19. Kudos to the heckler! The Obamas do not care about the rights of gay
    people. I am gay and I cannot stand Obama. I am a gay conservative and will
    never go liberal.

  20. Marriage is bond between man and women. fuck all obama members. Bill for

  21. This turd plop is a bigger idiot than her ‘ole man. If that’s possible. She
    has more balls though.

  22. I can assure you, that if our grandfathers had a way to see into the future
    at what our once great nation would become 70 years later, they would have
    thought twice before going ashore in Normandy into a wall of gunfire and
    artillary shells. If they only knew what we, their grandchildren would have
    to inherit, there is no way they would have made any sacrifice of such
    magnitude. I will go and vomit now..

  23. michelle obama hate gays, jussa fuckin homophobe! I votid Obama cus he
    pro-gay, NOT his fuckin dumazz gay-bashin wife, fuck dat dat anti-gay hoe,
    she hate gay niqqa juss ike me im giva dam bout michelle, tha first lady
    can suck my proud gay black cock!! gay rites above all other rites, nothing
    else matta moar in merica than us gays gettin are muthafuckin rights
    legalise!! nationwide gay marriage, same-sex adopt tha lil kiddies, outlaw
    religious bigots! fuck michelle obama, she a 2 bit crackhead!

  24. Then I look at a picture of the “gay rights advocate” and immediately its
    clear that the freak HAS to be gay simply because she is hideous to look
    upon. She is actually uglier than Michelle Obama and that is pretty damn
    ugly. Then I am reminded of the freak show that Chaz Bono made of DWTS
    watching that obese freak struggle around the stage. The fat confused bozo
    that believes since she had her genitals mutilated that she is a man. I get
    headaches from rolling my eyes so often.

  25. Fuck YOU, dickhead! Michelle Obama just showed that she doesn’t give a damn
    about gay rights. She is a piece of shit and so are you!!!

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