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  1. TheRockinCactus: I didn’t bash Hungary, I defended it. I don’t drink raw
    milk and I have no desire or taste for the food there. Yes, in the US we
    have too much processed food and I agree with you on that. You can always
    cook your own meals instead of buying them precooked. The water where I
    live is clean and I use filtered water for drinking. This video is not
    about the food or living conditions of Hungary. It’s about gays and their
    discrimination. It is two separate issues. I love Hungary but

  2. Kedves Whoopi Goldberg! Szeretjük a demokráciát, de nem ugy a melegeket!
    Meglehet, hogy az USA-ban a fene nagy demokráciában, a liberális eszme ezt
    is megengedi, de itt a kishazánkban ez a liberális maszlag megbukott. Úgy
    vélem. hogy a szexuális aberácó ezen formája a magyarok részéről erös söt
    néha kivágja a biztósítékot. Nem kell egyet éretünk és nem kell
    antidemokratikusnk tartani a magyarokat.

  3. Talán mert meleg még nem vert meg senkit azért, mert hetero. Mert a melegek
    nem mondják azt, hogy a heteroknak kevesebb jog jár, mint nekik, csak
    azért, mert heterok. llyen kurva egyszerű. Nekem meg ne kelljen már senki
    lenéznem csak azért, mert a hímek egy része homofóbiában szenved, és
    retteg, hogy egyszer betalál egy farok a seggébe. Az ő alaptalan és
    agyatlan rettegésük ne kényszerítsen már senkit, hogy kevesebbet gondoljon
    egy kisebbségről.

  4. Basszad meg Whoopi. Először nézz körbe az USA-ba. Fuck you Whoopi, first
    take a look around in the USA. Magyarországról, tisztelettel. From Hungary
    with respect. De jó lenne ha nem oktatnál egy olyan ország lakosait,
    akiknek a felmenői voltak a legtoleránsabbak egész Európába! Kibaszott nagy
    hiba volt! But it would be much better, that if you stop teaching us how to
    behave, because our ancestors were the first in Europe who tolerated
    everything! It was a BIG mistake!

  5. hmmm, i don’t think they are very effective. in fact i suspect they may be
    counter productive. ‘we’re gay, and we need to be all up in your face about
    it, look at us freaks!’ can’t you JUST be gay and not make such a fuss
    about it? wouldn’t that be a much more effective way to help straight
    people not make a fuss about it?

  6. @brynmgyr Please do not lecture us about tolerance and culture, Hungary is
    one of the oldest countries in Europe with rich history and cultural
    heritage. Because we aren’t happy abot the exhibitionist homosexual
    demonstrations (where the participants are mocking christian values and are
    dressed in clerical soutane), it doesn’t mean that we are intolerant or
    something like that. Perhaps it is acceptable in the US to offend the
    religious belief of others, but not in Hungary.

  7. men cheating on their wives, raping girls and and watching and making porn
    broke the family. your attitude broke the family, telling women they have
    no rights broke the family. a man beating a woman and treating her badly
    broke the family. that is what is hungary too..

  8. She is merely stating the fact that hungarians are gay per say…you should
    embrace your ways, moron!

  9. @HUNdando it is!! 😀 Just like alcohol, gayguys or heroine… xDDDD But
    Lesbians!!!! THEY ARE SO COOOOL xDDDDDDDDDDDDD (Bisexual girls are more
    cool! :D)

  10. clickmychannel,gorosz2 I don’t know about the ultra liberal party in HU,
    drugs should not be supported by anyone. Drugs and gay parade are two
    different issues. No one is advocating drugs by showing respect for gays.
    Noone should be oppressed because of their sexuality. No one’s sexuality is
    disgusting if it is done privately without bringing much attention to it.
    Thank you Whoopi for speaking up and helping the Hungarians.

  11. For the slower people of world, i.e. bozgorashi, you bozgor piece of shit,
    I LOVE YOU. And that is why i want you to go back to your country Mongolia
    so as to be happy there! Do you now what love is? Of course you do, a manly
    love is common thing in your country!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL

  12. Roma-nian piece of trash :)) Have you licked some gypsy balls lately? Go
    back to your Moldova and Bukarest you poor sucker you are not welcome in
    Europe can’t you see!?Everyone hates your corrupt,gypsy romanian people!And
    by the way Hungarians came from the Huns and not from Mongolians you stupid
    retarded dog!

  13. @JanusDruadal I live in liberal California and there are a lot of gays here
    and I don’t see that type of behavior here from gays, that is because they
    are well tolerated and there is no need for them to expose themselves or
    provoke other people.

  14. Kedves Supermanus, pontosan az olyan emberek miatt mint te tart ott a vilag
    ahol. Az aberacio benned testesul meg mikor kifejezed a kozepkori
    nezeteidet. A jovo az elfogadasrol szol.

  15. @csucsu80 Csucs mia a fasz freedom?Szabadsag!!Szabad mindenkinek jogot ahoz
    hogy kifejezzek amit ok akarnak,politikailag,Jogilag,vallasilag ews
    sexualisan addig amig masokat nem hoznak fizikailag veszelybe!En a Jobbikat
    tamogatommajdnem mindenben.de a Homokosok elleni nezopontjait nem
    tamogatom,mert ha szabadsagot akarunk akkor masoknak is szabadsagot kell
    engedni Szebb Jovot.Es nem en nem vagyok Buzi 4 gyerekes csaladapa vagyok

  16. @macskap being gay doesnt equal pedophilia dude! your thinking and logic is
    soo wrong everybody deserves to live a life regardless who they are without
    being treated as outcasts. and what does roman polanski have to do with is

  17. ah, the great american allknowing beast teaching the rest of the barbarian
    world how to behave, yet again… fucking disgusting.

  18. Thanks Whoopi! I hope one day the people who oppose this going to look back
    at themselves and realize how ignorant the were! Peace! = Kösz Whoopi!
    Remélem egyszer majd azok az emberek akik így ellenezték ezt visszanéznek
    magukra és belátják milyen intoleránsak voltak. Béke!

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