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  1. “Freedom” is a generic term that is defined in the mind of the person. In
    this case, let’s define it as civil liberties. Our civil liberties are
    being infringed upon, because the majority of people are not well educated
    on what those civil liberties are, let alone how they can use them, or how
    to defend them. There are legal avenues and devices in place that are
    worthy of study and implementation. The average American can gain a lot by
    educating themselves on these daily. There is hope.

  2. US citizens get worst of both. Large corporations are free to exploit them
    as workers: bust unions, hire and fire and pay poverty wages; free to use
    monopoly power to gouge consumers; and free to distort the political
    process. However, citizens are victims of a militarized police and prison
    system that puts 1 in 15 of them in prison during their lives, 97% without
    a trial. Like teen Justin Carter from Texas who wrote some sarcastic BS on
    a gaming forum and got thrown in jail.

  3. Who you border plays a huge role. Canada doesn’t have to worry about
    Americans illegally crossing the boarder as much as we have to worry about
    Mexicans. It does play a huge role. Now for independency lets look at
    healthcare. Talking to people who experienced both systems here is a common
    thing I heard. In Canada you go in, get care and leave. In the US you
    always ask questions, what is being done to you, how much it will cost, how
    can I get better, who is the best doctor, etc. Independency.

  4. That’s right only 3% have a trial. In medieval Europe they didn’t have many
    trials either because after a short time on the rack defendants confessed –
    no trial needed! In modern US a prosecutor threatens to bring a charge with
    say 25 yr sentence and even if the evidence is weak it is rational for
    defendants to plea bargain down to a 5 yr sentence – no trial needed. All
    Americans are just one unfortunate incident away from years in prison. Most
    countries do not allow such a travesty of justice.

  5. How can people believe in something that has no verifiable evidence to
    support it you ask? Believing America is a free country is just as
    unfounded as believing a god exists. Believe is what one does when they are
    unwilling or unable to gather actual knowledge.

  6. You appear to have accepted the corporate propaganda about healthcare
    systems. Socialized systems spend much less money (around 1/2 the amount
    per head) and yet have better aggregate health outcomes.

  7. Socialism did not give my countrymen any security back in the 90’s. No, in
    fact they brought my country into the worst crisis in recent history,
    hyperinflation and added a still un-payed debt. Food was scarce, inflation
    made bills impossible to pay, the infrastructure was collapsing, and
    education was/still is nowhere near the standard of American schools. And
    most of our elderly died during those times.

  8. 1.I feel I should know that date for some reason. Does it have something to
    do with Canada? 2.That is an acceptable question, Christmas is celebrated
    on different days throughout Europe. Although I’d have thought they would
    have realised that a lot of there traditions and holidays came from the UK
    first. 3.So you don’t know her then?

  9. It is not just the poor who have more fulfilled lives in societies will
    greater social justice. In the US the not so poor demonstrate how free they
    really feel by barricading themselves behind gated ‘communities’.

  10. No, you did not read the publication. It indicated that the all of the data
    show that there are no negative effects resulting from raising the minimum
    wage. It’s clear that reading is not your strong suit, either. I would ask
    you to shine my shoes, but doubtless you would suck at that, too.

  11. “I noticed you still have yet to rebuttal about min. wage earners not being
    poor.”-And that pretty much sums up why I didn’t respond. It’s so stupid,
    it really doesn’t need responding to. That’s like saying “poor is not poor,
    poor is rich.” Your retardation is such that you’re not worth debating-I’ve
    seen brain damaged kids with more intelligence. So, I’m done. I can’t save
    you from yourself.

  12. s. The whole freedom thing is very complex, with some countries being more
    free than us in some ways, less free that others. However, the Americans
    most likely to be talking about our freedom are the ones most likely to
    want to restrict t. Holland is the freest country on earth, period.

  13. I have a British mother, and when she first came to the US, she was often
    asked if she knew the queen or had she been to Buckingham Palace.

  14. If you have a heart attack in America and have to sell your house to pay
    for you medical bill and then live on the streets isn’t freedom. Not
    qualifying for benefits and having to queue up for hours for basic food
    rations isn’t freedom. Having the freedom to own a gun and live in a
    country with a 4 times higher murder rate isn’t freedom. There are many
    individual cases of people (especially young blacks) being shot by police
    and murdered, again, not traditionally classed as freedom.

  15. The freedom to say whatever you want exists in western europe just as much.
    We just see it as, with that freedom also coming the responsibility to use
    it in a smart manner. But you can say whatever the fuck you want here
    without being arrested for it either. In many ways I think we have far more
    freedoms in western europe (me being in the Netherlands personally) then
    you do the US. Take my countries stance on drugs as a simple example of
    that. While illegal. We don’t persecute soft drugs. Free

  16. LMAO. Because it is not free DOES NOT MEAN IT IS GREAT neither. In US, you
    would get a handful of medicine when you go see a doctor, but in my country
    the doctor would tell you that Advil should take care of it. Every system
    has horror stories, but it is still free. It does not matter whether or not
    you have to wait, as long as it is free. By the way, the wait is not that
    long as you mention, you have to wait in US toooooooooo.

  17. “plucked out of thin air opinions”? I talked to many African immigrants and
    Turkish people who experience prejudice in European countries. I also come
    across arrogant Europeans like yourself frequently that love to generalize
    America and Americans but refuse to look at their own countries.

  18. No, the article compared two publications where one said that raising the
    min. wage would increase employment and the other said it would decrease.
    It said in a very unbiased way that those two articles were bias and that
    it is hard to make a connection between min. wage and employment. Now a lot
    of left wing sources twisted like you did so that is what you read but I
    actually read the article. I noticed you still have yet to rebuttal about
    min. wage earners not being poor.

  19. Healthcare Insurance is a socialistic Idea, it makes no different if
    Federal or Private. You only dont get care if you dont need it. The long
    waiting story is the classical US Propaganda, i wouldnt watch to much Bill
    O’Reilly if i was you, he is painfull stupid. Anyway if you prefer private
    health Insurance you can do that still, i dont know much people who ever
    considered that, because there is nothing to complain about the statutory
    Health Insurance Companys.

  20. Freedom, even freedom of CHOICE, is limited by lack of well being –
    imprisonment, being murdered, your baby dying, poor educational scores,
    pregnancy in teens, mental health, and low social mobility are not freedom

  21. No, you didn’t kick my ass last week. You did what you are doing now,
    calling me stupid without justification. When you finally did give me a
    publication I told you how it didn’t support your case at all, didn’t hear
    from you since. I must be great to be as ignorant as you.

  22. It is your responsibility to get healthcare insurance. In countries with
    socialize medicine you probably won’t even get care. That happen to my
    colleague when he tried to get knee surgery in Canada. He had to wait so he
    came to the US and got it immediately. His family refuses to get care in
    Canada because of it. So while it may be “free” doesn’t mean it is great.
    Every system has horror stories. With the US system I have never had a
    problem getting care despite a family history of heart disease

  23. The wealthy don’t exploit workers. Those people work for what they get.
    There is a difference between working for something and having it just
    given to you. When you work for something you have a choice where to work,
    when given something the person who gives it to you ultimately controls you.

  24. Yeah. Man…European football games can be difficult to watch. And then
    there are the personal examples (that are common examples). My friend’s
    family lived in London for GENERATIONS but were always treated like
    foreigners, her grandmother who still lives there is still treated like a
    foreigner. But she, who was the first generation born here, is treated like
    an American.

  25. It has been questioned if socialized systems are actually better. The
    quality in the US is amazing. Horror stories exist in socialize systems for
    a reason and I personally met individuals that couldn’t get care at all
    until they went to the US. If it was as easy and you make is sound we would
    adopt it by now but it isn’t.

  26. Shortly put, we are a country or an obese man can make millions criticizing
    our healthcare system. A music group can make millions signing a deal with
    Epic records while making music against capitalism. We are very free.

  27. ….healthcare system to the US system like this. In Canada you go in and
    get care and leave. In the US you go in and ask questions. What is being
    done to you, what can you do to get better, how much it will cost, who is
    the best doctor to see, etc. You have more control. Now who is more free in
    that case? Owning a gun is the ultimate freedom. You can’t base murder
    rates on guns. Like I said, we have many problems to deal with. If we were
    a country of a small population of mainly……

  28. It is subjective, agreed. But the average American view of Europe, is that
    we live in some kind of socialist society, like piglets breastfeeding from
    the state. When, in reality, the re-distribution of wealth is much fairer
    in Europe and makes for more egalitarianism, which in turn doesn’t
    marginalise groups of people as severely as countries with much less fair,
    and to be honest, logical wealth distribution. I’d much rather be poor in
    Europe, than in America. Put it this way.

  29. Well. If you are rich in germany you pay 50%. But thats not all, we have a
    number of taxes. For you car you have to pay. For fuel. For
    everything(Mehrwertsteuer). Everything you buy is 19% more expensive
    because of that, except food, there its only 7%. Thats the thing in a
    community. The ones who have more give more the help the ones who have
    less. Pretty much all of the tax money goes back to the people. Not only
    germans, tho. Right now we give a lot to struggeling european countries.

  30. yes…this whole conversation began because I pointed out that freedom is
    subjective. Some would say that the US is more free because there is less
    government intervention in our finances (a lower tax burden/GDP and fewer
    regulations) whereas some would say that Europe is more free because the
    poor in Europe are comparatively more free to live fulfilling lives. And
    seriously freedom is measured by infant mortality and mental health?!
    What?! What does that have to do with freedom of CHOICE???

  31. The US constitution made a good stab at an objective definition but the US
    has abandoned it. Freedom is incompatible with US levels of social
    inequality and imperialist war. The PATRIOT Act and NDAA allows for
    arbitrary detention without redress to a court. In the 70s Argentina and
    Chile used “terrorism” as cover for the arrest and murder of tens of
    thousands of political opponents, workers, intellectuals and other “enemies
    of the state.” The danger is that this is direction the USA is taking

  32. The US middle class is relatively well off? The USA is near bottom of the
    league for social measures like: life expectancy, infant mortality,
    obesity, mental illness, education scores, teenage birth rate, murder,
    imprisonment and social mobility.

  33. Yeah they do exploit people. Saying they dont displays willful ignorance.
    Many people cant get another job or have to have more than one and get
    stuck making whatever the employer is paying even when they deem need to
    cut pay and benefits.

  34. This video started to talk about freedom and stated how European countries
    are more free. I beg to differ. One, US citizens are very independent hints
    why many are oppose to socialize healthcare. Another, we are a hugely
    populated country, 5 times the population of France for example and are
    very diverse. You used London which is 58% white, LA is 49%. The US has to
    deal with several issues, more than other countries. You can’t compare but
    overall the US is very free.

  35. Because most americans have never seen another country, and most americans
    seem to think the US is the only country with a constitution.

  36. Maybe because we’ve been taught that our country is “the land of the free”
    since grade school.

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