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  1. the only way to save the planet is to overthrow the coporate run
    governments that rule over the planet. starting with the usa gov.

  2. Our politicians, bankers, and corporations all tell us that we must “grow
    the economy” or else DIE. But that economy is destroying our planet. A
    concept called “natural capital” has arisen to combat just that. The
    Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses. Follow The Resident at

  3. Greed is a bitch. Nice things are awesome but guess what?? Not when people
    can’t afford to have their basic needs met. Want to start a civil war
    Capitalists? Keep robbing people of their money through taxes, selling our
    jobs overseas, bureaucratizing public service and privatizing large
    corporations. We’ll be as glorious as a modern-day Ukraine before you know

  4. I don’t care about the liberal crap you spew because I want a future. You
    will create a hell. A hell in which you need a permit for everything.
    People will not live in this hell. Suicide is rampant in autocratic

  5. Good point. Ultimately the environment is far more important then the
    economy. The environment is the world we live in and on, the economy is a
    game we invented that serves some better then others.

  6. and given that Russia does the same in destroying the planet, fracking in
    the Arctic, while telling other nations how bad that is, RT being funded by
    oil profits by the Tsar. Given Russia has massive pollution problems and
    many of it is as a result of the Tsar’s economic policies. Remember RT
    says: “Question More”, everything but Russia, or anything but about the
    Tsar’s policy. Just suck up to him and defend their massive human rights
    abuses or called them: “Misunderstandings” Sorry RT you are in no position
    to even say something like this or anything.

  7. Hmm would be a better story if she was calling for all those world bankers
    and corporations to pay for their crimes against the people, obvious all
    the cadavers that turn up after they go public about something didn’t die a
    natural accident, their frauds and scams that are made legal after they
    commit them, oh yea the change in my constitutional rights that they
    changed for the worse and exempted themselves from, and the communist
    healthcare act, to finish gutting and bankrupting, and breaking the backs
    of the working class. Come on RT make the change join the ranks of Alex
    Jones, Glen Beck, Drudge report, and the many others going unnamed that
    really inform you.

  8. Been saying this for years. Jacques fresco has the answer. The venus
    project.Get rid of these moronic politicians, money, poverty and war.

  9. The Zeitgeist Movement…. Different societies of the past learned how to
    live in balance with themselves and the environment. We need to learn how
    to do it for ourselves today.

  10. Infinite growth in a closed system is a technical impossibility ~ its
    simply not feasible. The very attempt to keep growing our economy has
    already led to multiple environmental tragedies (global warming,
    overfishing, deforestation, species mass extinction, pollution, clean water
    depletion, strip mining, other resource depletion, globalization leading to
    low-bid outsourcing, etc etc.)

    Due to this constant push for growth, when our economic growth stops, a
    global depression is likely to sink in ~ and except for the rich, it’ll be
    one we’re not prepared for. As things are going, the next economic crash
    will be inevitable, but at least it might be the trigger for real change
    with regards to the massive wealth inequality we’re facing ~ either by
    redistribution via overdue taxation or violent revolution. Personally, I’m
    hoping for the former, trying to avoid the latter.

  11. consider the source, Russian Televison and trust me they have an agenda.
    How can we change the course? Hmmm, wake up maybe. A blanket is still
    woven with fabric and your r the fabric. Figure it out.

  12. There is more money leveraged on wall street than there is in the entire
    worlds GDP ten times over. The “economy” is built on a foundation of
    bullshit. No wonder it is likely to collapse at any time. 

  13. haha…how about get rid of the parasites who preach form a piece of paper
    that is given to them and the ones who write them…the .001%

  14. We’re living behond our means that’s our problem.
    And if you want to grow the economy LOWER BUSINESS TAX YOUR FORCING

  15. God Green Capitalist Racist Communist Nazi Zionist Liberals Progressive
    Teaparty Illuminati and blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah…. the only division
    in all of our “societies” is haves and have not’s. The have’s use the pre
    mentioned “tools” (+many other distractions), to make the have not’s
    (that’s ALL of you reading this and everyone you know) unable to grasp one
    simple fact, HAVES have, are and will always steal your wealth. To stop
    them all you need to do is plan what you need to do to protect you and
    your’s (3G’s is a start). Inform others (especially anyone you know in law
    enforcement or military), and say “I do not understand!” “I do not submit!”
    and “no”. 

    Mother nature can’t fight back and capitalists only understand two things:
    money and violence. So too bad, Mother Nature. You lose.

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