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  1. “We have to understand that’s a different country” … which we cannot
    simply invade because it has nukes. Political correctness is a concept made
    by you, so feel free to degrade society on your own, liberals.

  2. I stopped watching the video when the doofus speaking talked about how
    “Russia isn’t as advanced as the USA?” I mean, really? The USA had two
    bomb two of its buildings to make a war on the middle east seem OK to the
    common people. Because after Vietnam, all Americans wanted was peace. At
    least Russia doesn’t kill its own people and then blame it on other people
    halfway across the globe. The USA is very liberal right now, and liberal
    countries will NEVER flourish.

  3. Putin is an excellent president. Way better than any other president on
    Earth right now. In fact, he might just be the best of all time. Putin is
    the reason why the USA didn’t conquer it politically like it did to the
    rest of Europe. Putin doesn’t want to be influenced by the extremely
    liberal ideas that the West proclaims as “normal”. Putin is keeping Russia
    what it is and not letting America take it over. And for that, Putin
    deserves a round of applause.

  4. And plus, the Russian government never talked about how it hated gays, it
    talked about how the gays try to spread their propaganda like they already
    did and are still doing nowadays in the USA. Putin has also banned gay
    parades in Moscow for 100 years. Why? Because parades take up cities and
    stuff homosexuality (AKA mental retardation) down normal people’s throats.
    Russia is doing everything it can to stay conservative, and a conservative
    nation is a strong nation.

  5. Fuck Russia and there anti gay laws gay people should have the same right
    as we do

  6. So what happens when Russian citizens go around attacking gay Olympic

  7. When people don’t understand. They get fear and that fear will trigger a
    defense mechanism. They will attack you. The same happening at animal
    kingdom. They should get educated.

  8. Let’s be real here. How many gay athelets can there be out there? I mean
    how can anyone run the 100 meter dash with a 2 foot wide asshole and
    foreign food and 1 gallon of semen in their stomach?

  9. I think you’ve blown the buttfucking a tad out of proportion. This will go
    great on ego’s gone wild.

  10. It’s more hilarious that you demonize countries which try to improve right
    of persecuted people. Look at the statistics, the more gay tolerant
    countries tend to be more advanced socially, technologically, politically,
    wellfare etc. Gay hating countries are mostly second and third world

  11. I think btw that people like you who are full of hate and see some need to
    persecute and comndemn innocent people makes you the freak here. Go into
    yourself and grow up. Freak =)

  12. Sounds like you are talking about MOB rule where the majority
    unquestionably controls the fate of the minority. And please take
    Democratic out of quotes, America is a Constitutional Republic. Recent
    polls suggest that over 50% of the American public is inclined to support
    gay marriage so obviously the government will reflect that. and that is not
    how you use the word ironic. And imagining gay’s “going after” kids is no
    excuse to BRUTALIZE anyone. Find some empathy, check your facts…

  13. HA HA HA “You are just sore loser because we have valid research results
    behind our back and you don’t” are you fucking kidding me with your baby
    talk? Today’s “science” says homo sodomy is equivalent to normal sex and
    “there’s no such thing as race” and you’re gonna act like it’s better than
    real science? I said go learn about the takeover of American psychology &
    you refused. Why don’t you try calling me names next professor, you know
    that’s all you’ve got left.

  14. There’s no civil right for homos to get married dumbfuck. That’s not what
    marriage means. Never had anything to do with queers. Politics doesn’t
    define language. The piece of paper you want means shit without the backing
    of the people. It’s only good for shallow idiots who have no clue why this
    is happening. We’re a bunch of pussies in this country now but Russia
    inspires us. The good news is this bullshit won’t last forever, we’re just
    in one of history’s downswings.

  15. Gay people are just as human as anyone else, and every human is an animal.
    What a ridiculously stupid claim to make, which you know is baseless.
    You’re just being deliberately discriminatory and inflammatory. If I said,
    “Evangelical Christians are not humans. They are soulless hate monsters, so
    there is no crime against humanity to exterminate them. Indeed, it is akin
    to taking out the trash,” my claim would be nothing more than hateful
    nonsense, as yours is. Grow up and stop being a dick.

  16. LOL what’s with the Christian bashing, freak? It blows your mind to find
    out I’m not religious, huh? Work out your issues & check your bigotry, you
    neurotic bundle of crazy.

  17. Sexually frustrated “straight” males?.. Gay and straight are just made up
    societal identities. You and the people marching in a gay parade are both
    equally pretending in my eyes. The difference is they embrace acceptance
    while you embrace hate and petty name calling. Is someone a monosexual just
    because they only masturbate? The whole argument is ridiculous.

  18. Why does America care so much what happens in Russia?Jesus nobady east of
    Berlin gives a single fuck about how americans are supporting gay rights.

  19. (ctd5) One of the tasks of the government is to protect minority groups
    from the whims of the majority, so yes, on occasion, governments must stand
    up against the majority. Sorry that you don’t like that fact and that you
    can’t use the legal system to further persecute LGBT people. That must be
    really hard on you, as it’s clearly hard for you to share your toys like
    marriage with the big bad gays. You are asked to explain because your
    delusional interpretation is not obvious to anyone but you.

  20. Only tiny percent of them are actually staying. Look deeper. Also, the
    hostility against immigrants is worrying in Russia. You are bunch of
    shitfaces who don’t protect your minorities from racist extremes like
    neonazis. You are disgrace.

  21. History always had downhills and uphills. If you knew history you would
    know that for example in ancient Greek homosexuality was ordinary. You
    don’t seem to understand the force behind the gayright activity. Replace
    word “gay” with “nigger” or “jew”. Then you see how ridiculous you might
    sound for future people. It’s actually more amusing that you are so full of
    hate that you mistake what is “wrong” to you to what is “normal”.
    Especially when majority of more educated people disagree with you.

  22. You are worst kind of people. Barbarian who hates and thinks persecution is
    ok. I’m glad that majority of humans ain’t shit like you.

  23. (ctd2) I’ve never forced any “propaganda” on children; I simply think
    children should be taught to respect one another and learn that families
    come in all sorts of diverse configurations. You can still teach your kids
    to hate homosexuals at home if that’s a “value” that you hold. I’m not sure
    what I’ve done that’s crude and offensive. You, on the other hand, go
    around calling gay people “fags”, which is absolutely crude and offensive.

  24. Human beings define language. That’s how it exists. Redefinition is very
    often necessary. Like the word queer for instance is officially an
    adjective or verb but you probably use it daily as a derogative term for
    homosexuals. Language doesn’t define reality. Human’s do. Did you seriously
    think you could disguise your hate as political correctness? I’m aware that
    their are no civil right’s for same sex marriage but why not again? What
    would be backlash of legalization? Answer maturely please.

  25. Even if they’re not going to be prosecuted under the outrageous laws,
    that’s no guarantee of their safety from the neo-nazi skinhead gangs that
    are going out with Putin’s blessing and killing gay people while claiming
    that they’re fighting pedophilia. We need to take the Olympics out of
    Russia. Please consider going to sign George Takei’s petition to move the
    2014 Olympics to Vancouver, Canada.

  26. Yepp, they will tell you fairytales they are from Moscow :). Moscow is hard
    city that requires hard-working people surely prostitutes and such kind of
    low social level people, can’t survive in such a huge metropolitan area.
    The statistics tells like that, in Moscow there is a lot of jobs held by
    immigrants from Ukraine too. And the wages are quite better than European
    and any other in the world. Top of the world let’s say like NY, London etc..

  27. Have you read the law. Good for you. Many can not. But all the same. This
    is our business.

  28. Most of the Russian prostitutes in the West come from Moscow. But what is
    the difference between someone from Russia or Ukraine? They are all the
    same: one big bunch of homophobic, hateful hypocrites.

  29. … I suppose you are, like me, straight. Do you think that you will ever
    become gay? Can you imagine yourself being fucked by a man? I don’t think
    so! It is the same with gays. They are attracted to the same sex, and it is
    impossible to change that, because it is in their genes.

  30. Jesus Christ, dude: seriously? Calling people fags and saying that you wish
    harm to come to them and that you’ll derive pleasure from it doesn’t make
    gay people look bad; it just makes YOU look bad and like a huge asshole.
    What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you hate gay people so much?

  31. Yup. but that’s not what they’re doing. They’re advocating the
    “anti-pedophile” groups who are, in reality, luring 15-18 year old boys off
    the internet (who are seeking to meet other teenagers or older men),
    calling them pedophiles (which they aren’t), and then torturing them and
    sometimes killing them. The fact that you stand behind this behavior really
    tells us all we need to know about you. Your level of hatred against LGBT
    people is absolutely shocking. Go throw yourself off a cliff.

  32. No it’s not analogous. People who have gay sex only while they are in
    prison and have only heterosexual sex when it is available are clearly not
    gay. They obviously prefer heterosexual sex. If you’re too stupid to figure
    that out, I pity you.

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