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  1. only please,,,,, fear god I personaly know him,,,, I tried to use my
    position with god to do evil and get him to except me he refused my
    desires,,,,,,,, I at one time had amazing supernatural visititions of
    powerful feelings of his loving presence now emptied dry do to rebellion



  3. we should surely fear the lord Jesus he will unwillingly cast us out,,,,,
    he is firm but forgiving god will not forgive those who refuse him unto
    death,,,,,,,notice many people say they,,,, will not,,,, go to
    hell,,,,,,,,,, but im a person who has been very close to god and he tells
    me personaly I will kill you and cast you out,,,,,,,, psalm 50, so don’t
    forget or forsake me and turn to willful sin to walk in it,,,,, I pleaded
    with jesus to let me play with two hot lesbians he said ok but you will owe
    me a iou like king david did when he took a mans wife,,,,,,,,,,,,,david was
    punished in a hard way for years ,,,,,I said but lord I love you he showed
    me psalm 2, god laffs at them,,, break there chains of control,,,,,,i said
    but Jesus your word says psalm 37,4 delight yourself in the lord and he
    will give you the desire of your heart,,,,,,yet it goes on to say ,,,,,,,,,
    your personal right living will shine ,,,,,,,Jesus refuse to give me iner
    peace,,,,,, I wanted to end my life the lord called me a betrayer like
    judas and that he would reject me forever,,,,,Jesus told me repent I love
    you,,,,Isaiah 1,16-18 stop doing wrong and learn to do right

  4. This entire notion that gay people go to hell is a fantasy created in the
    dogmatic brainwashed minds of the fake Christians. These people do not know
    Christ. To know Christ read Christ and not Paul. Paul is not Jesus nor does
    he do the work of Jesus. He is a Hebrew Pharisee that created his idea from
    bits and pieces of his mind and the times-Gnostic peoples when he lived.

  5. There parents should be talking to there son. Its one thing to hate the sin
    but hate the sinner is wrong. He should respect there view and they should
    respect his free will. I know its hard as a parent. I am against the whole
    gay thing and I do believe theres great punishment for it. But I have
    friends that are gay we respect each others opinions. I am Christian and so
    many people condem gays thats not the way to win souls. Pray for them on
    your own time and let the Lord guide them if they refuse the Lord thats on

  6. Being born gay isn’t a sin, it’s what the gay person does with his life
    that can be sin full just like str8t ppl, it’s what you do that is sin. We
    have to learn we are all the same and if you have a lot of sex with all
    kind of ppl, str8t or gay, it’s a sin

  7. What kind of a name is “Oral Roberts?” It’s a name that inspires sexual
    innuendos for sure! 

  8. YES!!! Just as sure as the heterosexual fornicator who sleeps around with
    every woman he finds to “play the field”.

  9. I am a catholic and i hate the steriotype that all of us hate gay people.
    None the less i dont care if you beleive in god or not but if you live in
    the united states (i dont know about other countries) you do not have the
    legal right to take another humans rights away regardless of whether you
    think it is moraly right or wrong.

  10. According to queers, they have no “choice” in the matter of their
    sexuality. But then they’ll go out and march for “Freedom of Choice”. LOL!
    What hypocrites. They’re mentally ill. Their bodily perversions have moved
    up and infected their minds.

  11. There’s just 5 words to say as you go down down down…aheh heh…YOU’RE

  12. why the hell is there a question mark?? are you kiddin me? and this is a
    show on tv?? what the fuck! you should be ashamed going on air with this
    title and calling yourselves “journalists”!

  13. Some people think killing is right and some wrong. All Actions have
    consequences and being gay is one of them he doesn’t deserve the love or
    support from his family. If i killed bin laden ill be a hero. but if i
    killed bush i would be prosecuted. is amazing how it works here lol.

  14. Just another gay guy, we’re all gay who cares? Who cares who he’s the grand
    son of. GRAND SON, Not even son of a televangelist. Seriously this was a
    lonely day in the news.

  15. have you read my first comment. im talking about gay people going to
    heaven. your going all over the place with this. God loves his everyone.
    God loves people who happen to be gay and he HATES there sin( which is
    being gay) GOODBYE

  16. Reality is absolute; things just don’t disappear if we stop believing, or
    appear if we just start believing.The real conflict, not only with
    Christianity, but Judaism, Islam….and billions of people on this earth is
    SIN. In Christianity, not coming to Christ will result in eternal life
    loss. The “gay” status of a person is viewed under sin, but there’s always
    a way out. That’s the Christian view, and ridiculing the views of those who
    differ with you makes you close-minded.

  17. im a christain and heres my thought. Gay people go to hell. God doesn’t
    want heaven to be a sinful place like earth. every christain has to repent
    in order to go to heaven. gay people need to repent to God and not be gay
    in order to go to heaven

  18. Hypocrites always point that finger and judge others, why is that I ask?
    Oh, they do this to hide there own sin from there self, God is the only 1
    who judges me and you’re not God. Ready to throw stones? I have mine in my
    hand 😉 , oh don’t forget to read what I said in my last comment then you
    will understand the Bible somewhat, we all see you don’t under stand by
    saying the whole Bible is God speaking, not true my lil sinner, what a joke
    you are

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