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  1. The US have said they’re going to boycott the paralypics. How funny. Like
    the Russians would give a flying toss. The whole PC thing that started the
    Paralympics The strange ‘all and everyone’ Ideology that’s warped away from
    the natural law. So they say sport discriminates against the disabled lets
    make a whole contest just for them. the same thought that would say :
    Quiz’s discriminate against people with alzheimers .so lets make a quiz
    just for them ? This isn’t the Russians thing. If you take it away, the
    only people you will effect is the ones that trained for it. Maybe the US
    could use another threat to the Russians, like saying if you come any
    closer we’re gonna start punching ourselves. 

  2. The American media has been bashing Russia at every turn. The Russian law
    only prohibits gays from indoctrinating children. I suppose we had better
    force our ideologies onto Russia, or else! No wonder why nobody watches
    corporate news outlets anymore. This isn’t news, it’s disinformation and

  3. How about China? Did we boycott China? Have we boycotted the 100% of the
    countries in the world who do not live up to our standards?

    We went to Nazi Germany to play with Hitler, greeted by posters and
    propaganda about Aryan superiority.

    But Russia defies the hegemony of the US. They must be dealt with if we are
    to usher in a new world order, filled with kittens and love and safety for

  4. I’ve not been watching Keith Olbermann’s new show – for one thing, I no
    longer have satellite or cable; for another as it’s on one of the ESPN
    channels and focuses on sports – I honestly wouldn’t see much point to it,
    since the only sport I enjoy watching isn’t popular here in the USA.

    However – this is a case where sports overlaps with politics and he got a
    chance to show what a decent “straight ally” he is. The observations he
    makes also give clues as to the best way to increase the pressure on the
    IOC to *grow a **fucking** spine* and do something about Russia’s hate
    laws, at least during the Olympics.

  5. I think Putin should make agreement with western powers and invite some
    security forces here in Sochi, of course if they will not spy. It will be
    great! That is the main problem, not gay marriage or gay law.
    Help in security it is good!!!

  6. Read those “homophobic” laws before you judge. The West is totally mislead
    by media propaganda. 

  7. unfortunately putin isn’t ‘semi-elected’. he is quite popular in Russia and
    I like him, and I have nothing against gay people

  8. I used to respect Keith Olbermann on MSNBC Countdown. Does he try to hold
    on to a new assignment in desperation? Pity…. 

  9. It’s a sporting event where young people all over the world compete with
    each other to be the best in world at whatever sport they love and enjoy.
    If you don’t like it don’t watch it. The idea of boycotting the Olympics
    because a country doesn’t believe that public acts of homosexuality should
    be tolerated is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. Buttfuck your
    boyfriend in your hotel room. Leave your fucking politics out of sporting
    events its not like you spent years of your life training for a sporting
    event or even have a chance of winning. Why the hell should athletes have
    to suffer because you don’t like the Russian legal system. 

  10. To date Keithy, there is not a world government and nations are free to
    practice their cultural values. Why don’t you visit the middle east and
    gay/women’s rights there ? Have you no courage ? That’s where your brand of
    stupid opinion should be welcomed. Better yet, go there in person to

  11. What I’m wondering is, where was the moral outrage and boycott threats when
    China hosted the 2008 Games, or at least to the levels that these games
    seem to have? I wouldn’t categorize myself as pro-gay by any means, but I
    agree that Russia’s laws in this matter are draconian and need to be
    overturned (as well as pretty much the entire Middle East). Having said
    that, it doesn’t hold a candle to what China is doing to its people, gay
    and straight alike, and there was barely a peep from the sponsors/etc. 6
    years ago. At least be consistent. Oh wait, that doesn’t sell newspapers or
    gets TV viewers.

  12. I bet none if y’all have been to Russia, I am sure if if some other country
    critiques anything about U.S. Y’all will welcome it with open stand right?
    Don’t hate on other cultures, not everything is the same around the word,
    no one says a damn thing about ten Middle East 

  13. Welcome to Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014!
    Dear friends! I live in Russia and I strongly believe I’m speaking on
    behalf of the overwhelming majority of Russian people. We are glad to
    welcome all fans of sports despite of their race, religion or sex
    self-identification. We are waiting for you in Russia to show you our
    beautiful nature, our great culture and our hospitable people. We want you
    to form your own opinion about our country which will be quite different
    from that shit, propagandized in western russophobic media.
    You will see that we live better than our enemies and envious persons say.
    You will see that our society is free of oppressions and prejudices. We are
    open to the rest of the world and are ready to establish friendly
    relationship with any country on the condition that this country will treat
    us as equal and with respect to our traditions and values.
    It might sound weird, but we are glad to welcome even those well-paid by
    western governments’ anti-Russian propagandists, who are trying to sabotage
    our Olympic games, because our national dignity, nobility, big soul and
    warm heart give us strength to separate political intrigues from this
    Celebration of Sports, Peace and Love!

  14. Nothing short of the IOC using an alternate site or Russian voiding their
    medieval laws that literally punish people for being gay or supporting
    equality for homosexuals will get me to not boycott the Olympics.

    I cannot, and will not, give up the fight for equality. I don’t condemn or
    have any ill will towards any athletes who attend but I cannot support
    tolerance of the laws of the dictator Putin.

  15. best argument i’ve seen so far for a boycott on sochi. try disagreeing with
    this. i dare you.

  16. This about sums up the things that we can do to affect the International
    Olympic Committee. Keep the pressure on America!

  17. Gays and whatever, stay home you ARE not wanted! Keep your prevertion to
    yourself where it belongs. We will cheer on other countries! Don’t want or
    need you.

  18. Ban U.S products because the use of iligal drone attacks?

    Chinese 2008 olympics were not even banned,just some idiotic attention

  19. This whole “Gay Rights” issue in Russia is NOTHING but a grand illusion to
    deceive the American people while those who are really in control destroy
    and shred the U.S. Constitution and usher in their Fascist Police State of
    Massive surveillance of an entire nation and beyond, secret prisons, secret
    courts, secret laws, secret judges, secret police, secret interpretation of
    laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence, secret wars, endless
    wars, militarization of local police forces etc, etc, etc, etc. Americans
    have no idea how scientific the psychology behind the propaganda that is
    being used against them today.


  21. This about sums up the things that we can do to affect the International
    Olympic Committee. Keep the pressure on America!

  22. LOL what?! Tell me who was executed under this law? You can’t? Cuz no one
    was killed.

  23. I take it you have never been to mardi gras? You seem like the type of
    person who owns at least one “girls gone wild” video… Damn women running
    around with their boobs out!

  24. We don’t have anything like Mardi Gras in here Finland, but we do have
    pride parades, and those are only ones where people can walk almost nude in
    middle of city. I don’t know reason why they like public nudity but they
    should tone it down. I read from huffpost that in some US cities even the
    organizers have been asking people to tone it down when it comes to nudity,
    and people got up in arms because they think pride parades need nudity…
    why they need it?

  25. They are not pushing anything on anyone. They just want to be treated with

  26. they only want to push it as much as u want to push your heterosexuality

  27. Gay pride does much more to raise homophobia thn anything else. A bunch of
    half naked hysteric people supposed to represen all homosexuals ? It has no
    place in political or normal life. Gays aren’t an ehnic group or anything
    like that. They’re just people who hve a lesure in common. How about a
    masochistic pride then ? Howare they markd for death ? And enough with
    godwin points. Every “communauty” now wants its personal shoah

  28. Yeah totally harmless… what about that law that was introduced the other
    day for a vote that calls for the removal of children from lgbt households?
    … Taking their children away? … Sure.. they are totally “harmless”

  29. lol these what murders of guys? its just torture of pedophiles only one
    person died after a few weeks after the accident and the authorities
    arrested the people responsible!! Also why don’t you mention the gays that
    have been murdered in the US in the last few moths there have been a few
    and no mention has been heard! Also the these groups are not connected to
    the law in any war these are just another part of the gay propaganda!

  30. As far as Russians…Sorry some Russians (because they’re not all pig
    ignorant Nazis in training) are concerned gays are only good for two
    things; killing and lesbian porn. Because that’s all people you actively
    despise are used for; exploitation for entertainment.

  31. apparently you haven’t met and spoken with many gay people (well you
    probably have but you’re to ignorant to know it and have a conversation!)

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