35 Comments on “Will Vladmir Putin Arrest Tennis Icon Billie Jean King?”

  1. It’s funny how Fox News incessantly goes out of it’s way to put down Obama
    and this channel will stop at nothing to bash Putin. Both channels are
    guilty of the same cheap tactics, but the self-righteous attitude of this
    channel almost makes Fox News look reasonable in comparison.

  2. She should be arrested if she breaks the Russian gay propaganda laws. She’s
    not above the law just because she’s a dyke.

  3. Everybody that’s saying homosexuality isn’t being forced, than why the hell
    are you forcing an entire country to follow a lifestyle that they don’t

  4. Anyone who is against the government is wearing a tin foil hat? That’s
    exactly what they want you to think!

  5. So Ana… Obama is sending the gay athletes to “send a message”?? I
    thought the Olympics were about every participation nation sending their
    best athletes to compete, not selecting athletes based on who can make
    political statements…

    Either the two athletes are the best at what they do — and that is why
    they will compete in Sochi — or this is a giant political charade. It
    almost seems like you are hoping for the latter, which is somewhat
    disturbing but *you go get ’em Ana*. Lol

  6. Putin is a crazed dog playing to the ultra-right stands in his own country.
    Nothing is past him. I only hope that he recognise the monumental and
    long-term harm that would be done to his country if he does anything
    against any gay athletes visiting for the Olympics.

  7. When she opens her mouth about the gay laws in Russia, she should be
    arrested just like any other law breaker.

  8. Look at Obama lately. Someone’s peeked into their shorts and found a pair.
    Way to go.

  9. Way to do diplomacy US!, I hope Ana and Cenk find it also funny if they
    get arrested to send a message back. “Hahaha! sooo playfull, he arrested
    them! so juvenile!”.
    Dont get me wrong, I’m 100% pro gay rights, but this is not about gay
    rights, this is a pissing contest, nothing more.

  10. All this political posturing is idiotic. I don’t care if the LBGT community
    has representatives on the US teams, but they should be there because of
    their skill and dedication purely, and not because of anything else.

  11. Fundamentalists and tea baggers should be sent to Russia. They will fit
    right in.

  12. Russia and its anti gay laws can goto hell. Its no wonder theyre all
    emigrating over here to get away from the cruel madness

  13. Russia amuses me to no end. It is so easy for the owners of Russia to
    control their peons. Make them care about non-issues while they rape their
    country. Much like America. Actually, much like the world, come to think of

  14. The President of the frikken US obsessed with homosexuality. What an
    embarrassing time to be an American lol

  15. I wonder if she will be acting as an ambassador. In which case she will
    have diplomatic immunity.

  16. Why is Ana’s right boob twice the size of her left one? She has been less
    outspoken lately. I hope this doesn’t mean she’s moving to the right.

  17. i am sure Putin laughs about this “massage” he is an intelligent men
    ,unlike GW Bush. and what has Snowden to do with Homo-Propaganda?

  18. Putin, not a Reagan, is a liberal’s worst nightmare; he’s a conservative
    who doesn’t bend to Anglo-American rules.

  19. they dont need to arrest her, just declare her persona non grata, and kick
    her out of the country

  20. It’s a good thing that pass that law in Russia. In the USA we are forced to
    go to gay schools and learn the gay agenda from birth. I’m not gay but they
    force me to be gay because they said it was hip and shit.
    Oh wait. I forgot I’m free and even growing up with two openly gay family
    members I turned out to be a well adjusted hetrosexual male who only hates
    bigots and small minded assholes. 

  21. Russia has nothing to fear from the US. I think They’ll arrest her to prove
    that point. She’s being sent there as a direct challenge. The US is daring
    Russia to arrest her, I think they will just to make the point they do not
    fear us.

  22. I don’t agree with Russia’s new law but I think that being gay is not
    illegal in Russia but rather the law does not want gay people to talk to
    kids or “propaganda”, or things like that, to kids etc. Again, I don’t
    believe in this law but gay people would never be arrested just for being

  23. OMG you people are sooo freaking stupid. It’s not against the law to be
    gay in Russia…. You people keep trying to spread that narrative but it
    simply is just a lie… The only thing that is against the law is for Gay
    Propaganda to be exposed to Children… MY GOD YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID!!!!

    Oh and Billie Jean King will be lucky if she gets a visa. 

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