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  1. Hahaha!!! You are American and telling me stuff about Russia? How do you
    know it’s poor? Does your government give you 20 K for first child, 30 K
    for second child and another 40 for every next child you have? Or do you
    guys get a 120 square meter flat after 5 years working on any government
    controlled factory? You don’t know shit about Russia and how we live! Our
    powerty rate is twice lower than the one in US, We have no bancruped cities
    like Detroit and our debt is 12% against your over 100%.

  2. Gay propaganda ban is a law which was proposed by only one politician and
    has seen such an approval by society, that latter it has been put into
    force. In other words it could be said that the people of Russia came up
    with it, but one politician has put it into words. Stop lecturing Russa and
    its people how we should live. We have seen many wars, we have seen
    revolutions, we have seen oppressions and so on. And don’t be fooled by
    thinking you know better what we want. We approve Putin’s work!!!!

  3. Actually, they are. In most gulf Arab countries, foreign gays are deported.
    Gay citizens, however, face execution(in KSA) & whipping(in the other 6 GCC
    states). I have been to both Malaysia & Indonesia, but ironically I find
    Indonesia more liberal. Uh well, I guess it gets to do with perspectives.
    Regarding “Russia’s wrong doing”, the law states that one is not allowed to
    teach about homosexuality to a minor in public. That’s not oppressing gays.

  4. What 50+ Muslim countries?? There aren’t that many traditionally Islamic
    countries in the first place. This isn’t a contest to see who can be more
    backwards and hateful. It’s about accepting people for who they are and not
    judging others based on criteria that won’t affect anything.

  5. He Eastern Orthodox lgbt org. Just 4 blocks from all outs 8th avene office.
    Never received s returned email. I cannot fid a phone # to the office and
    Queer nation. All out of a sudden returns ffron the dead and declars that
    tey are speargeadiing these efforts and these self appoibed learders don’t
    inform the rest of us former queer nation alunni. It s very strange. Maybe
    a lot of lgbt groups just want top billing for temsevles. Were all should
    work together ad not claim glory for ones self

  6. Russia is hated only because the image of Russia is created by your media
    and politicians. Most of the Europeans that do hate Russia, have never been
    there and never seen it. Russia is an enemy of capitalis block, which
    consists of all Western counries. Not surprisingly you can see only wrong
    things about us, but nothing good. All you media is so biased that i can’t
    really describe! You have absolutely nothing said about Saudis killing
    gays, but you have a roar because of a propaganda ban.

  7. Do not disrespect my country please. We have different values than yours.
    We don’t like gays showing off. If it means we disrespect them and opress
    them, then let it be. We just don’t fucking care! Europe is dying, dear.
    Wake the fuck up! You are in constant crisis, aplyin austerity measures
    just to have your economy live a little longer. Van Rumpoy came to Russia 2
    months ago asking for a loan. Fuck, if you turned to your enemy for help,
    it means you are completely fucked!!!

  8. Now what exactly did you do in Norilsk? ))) It’s a city build around a
    factory, with no sigstseing whatsoever and situated in one of the coldest
    parts of Russia. A visit to Norilsk by a foreigner is just very strange or
    a lie! What about Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Volgograd and
    other cities? Have you been there? All the cities i mentioned have average
    salary of 1000 USD MO. And don’t forget, life in Russia is much cheaper
    than in Europe. This is the same as having a 2 K in EU.

  9. Boycotting the 1980 Moscow Olympics sure showed the International Community
    that it was unacceptable to invade Afghanistan…….oh wait………

  10. nobody is talking about why russia made the anti-gay and anti-gay adoption
    laws. because US/Vietnamese/Australian gay pedophlies were going to russia
    and buying babies doing HUMAN TRAFFICKING CNN CLAIMS TO BE AGAINST .. now
    CCN is campaigning for gay baby buying? see the most popular video on my
    channel with all mainstream sources showing why russia made those laws. In
    Australia we said ‘We will chose the manner in which they come’ Russia
    chooses the manner in which they leave – without gay dads

  11. I’m buying Russian since this country takes measures to protect morality

  12. Give me a list of cities you have visited in Russia and when did you visit
    Russia. I lived in Bristol – 2 years, London – 2 years. Many homeless
    people. Houses with broken out windows coz there were gangs there who were
    arrested by police. I’ve been to Paris many times. Same shit there. Lyon,
    Marselle – african cities with crazy powerty. Again. Give me the list of
    cities you have been to, otherwise all you say is just bullshit and you
    know nothing about Russia.

  13. Again, China is the leading world super power, the DPRK isn’t
    communist,they are Maoist with a Stalinist Doctrine (look it up, you
    retard) Laos is doing pretty good for itself, and hey, what about Vietnam?
    They’re still communist! Cuba? World’s richest resort nation? Also
    communist. Oh, hey, how about all those corrupt, “democratic” capitalist
    countries? You know, with all the fascist dictators? Syria, Egypt, Iran,
    Pakistan, Columbia, Venezuela, Russia, Saudi Arabia…

  14. The Eurozone? You mean where Greece is on the verge of collapse; Germany is
    bankrupting every neighbour nation; the Italian leadership being
    stereotypical suave, womanizing, Italians; Oh, what about the fact that
    literally every nation within the European Union realizing the strengths of
    Marxism, and thusly structuring all their economies in a more socialist
    way? You’re deluded if you think capitalists don’t break the law, or if
    they work for their money. And I own my own business, thanks.

  15. They wanted to boycott vodka, hahaha and other stuff. They also wanted to
    cancel the olympics in Russia but Obama took that back. Russia is going
    downhill with human rights and equality. I feel sad for gay children that
    live in your country, how they have to hide their true feelings or get
    arrested/beat up. All these gay athletes that will come to Russia, what
    will they do about that? Arrest them? Haha. People that go against gay
    rights are selfish, retarded and have deep mental issues going on.

  16. Faggots shouldn’t have special rights. In fact, I am proud of Russia to
    instill rules that will keep morality in check. I’m tired of hearing these
    faggots bitch and whine about their wants. It’s time for the 30 million
    evangelical Christians who stayed home and didn’t vote, need to get up and
    out and fight back. Take this country back. This world doesn’t belong to
    the faggots. It belongs to civilized people. Remember, Obama won by only 10
    million votes and 30 million republicans stayed home. Ugh

  17. gay nothing but a bitch sex addicted and cannot love anyone but themselves
    it’s woman and man personality combined in one person. more you give
    attention more they want nothing but selfish. why people don’t tell the
    truth and b honest? they’re 10% good gays the rest just all the same
    THEY’RE ALL THE SAME! it’s a fact!

  18. You ask me for proof, without bothering to ever provide your own for your
    own bullshit, even after I told you several times to provide it? Oh, and
    then saying it doesn’t exist before anything is even provided? Yup, you’re
    the most ignorant person on the planet.

  19. Your disrespect and hatred of gays is born of your ignorance and your
    repressed sexuality. Go eat a vagina, it’s what you’re longing to do, deep

  20. First off, stop putting words in my mouth. Second off, no, I didn’t say
    that at all, that’s you saying that. Third, I honestly think you don’t know
    the meanings of the words domestic OR progressive. So kindly stfu and go
    troll someone who isn’t going to make you feel like a child with down

  21. All Russians are religious? Erm last time I checked it was only half of
    Russians that even believed in God? I’m not going to argue with you because
    your English is poor and you have no respect for human rights. Good day.

  22. Are you going to insult me or are you too high to have a decent political
    argument? Trust me I know the different political scales, and Marxism had
    it’s chance but it failed. Like I said, communism can’t work. There will
    always be abuse in the system but at least in capitalism there is less.
    There is more corruption today in China, Cuba and of course N. Korea than
    the majority of Europe (which you could say are capitalism)

  23. what a beautifully mature comment. Thanks for your input there, i thought
    you had to be 16 to make a youtube account?

  24. China isn’t a communist country. It’s only communist by name. It has a free
    market and income inequality and the only communist idealogy it has is a
    single-party state. The only true communist countries left are N. Korea and
    Cuba. And please go ahead and tell me how happy those citizens are. And
    you’re so brainwashed, in communism the government takes HALF of what you
    own and gives it to people who haven’t worked a day in their life.
    Capitalism you earn how hard you work

  25. And what exactly is that? And I suggest you tread carefully considering you
    have an anti-communist picture, and I’m a communist.

  26. As an activst for 35 plus years I dontvsee lgbt groups seious workig
    togethr like. All out I’ve written then a few times offering Axios the glbt
    eastern orthodx

  27. Puberty is a normal human condition that signals the ability of the human
    body to begin reproduction.It is not intended by nature to be a signal to
    begin the abnormal behavior associated with homosexuality.Why would nature
    intend for an act that is harmful to the body.Sodomy can cause a condition
    whereby the anal sphincter muscle becomes so weak a person cannot control
    defecation(shit in their pants).It’s simple the asshole is meant to allow
    human waste out not human waste in!! Shit,you get it??

  28. 2008 Beijing Olympics, competed, thanks. And wow, you have about as much
    fact finding skills as those dudes on Ancient Aliens, I’m from Canada, and
    I’ve been to many places on the planet. I’ve also been to the states, and I
    honestly don’t have to defend why it’s such a shitty place. I’ve met plenty
    of nice Americans, but they also all hate the states. I have a Puerto Rican
    friend I visit who lives in New York, a Korean friend I visit in LA, and
    southern bred whitey I visit in Texas.

  29. And you don’t know the countries of the world very well. Malaysia,
    Indonesia, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan and the millions of Muslims
    living in non Islamic countries are all very liberal. Just because a select
    few countries, chiefly Saudi Arabi and Iran being super conservative
    doesn’t negate the fact that Russia is still a backwards country.

  30. Gay is part of nature because science proves that there has always been gay
    people around. Even before religion was inverted. We’ve evolved from apes
    and apes are animals. That means humans are animals too but evolved ones.
    Gay is found in tons of animal species and fully accepted/seen as normal.
    That means it occurs in humans too. You’re born that way and it is totally
    fine. Being gay won’t hurt others, nor is it affecting anyone, so the hate
    is pointless. Stop comparing gay and incest. Dissed.

  31. Boycott stuff? LOL. What stuff? We are not going downhill. Not
    economically, not mentally, not in any way. )))) Gays are not respected
    much everywhere. Don’t tell me of tolerance or any of that crap! Did you
    see what was happening in France, when they passed a law allowing gays to
    adopt children? Almost a million protestors only in Paris. Same situation
    is everywhere. Governments disrespects the right of the majority to ban gay
    adoption and marriages and respects the right of minority (gays).

  32. Are you stupid? Have you even tried to get in or out of Russia? If you’re
    moving out, you must have a reason why and a lot of money to get out in the
    first place. Life just isn’t that simple, why shouldn’t people be allowed
    to be who they are and those laws go against human rights according to
    Amnesty International. p.s. America isn’t any better, bunch of strongly
    religious ignorant christians.

  33. Does the truth hurt? ))))) Open eurostat website. Almost everywhere, living
    condidtions are going down. The way you guys live is wrong! Why is that
    russia hars an economic growth of 3.5 % and EU -0.4% Simple answer! It’s
    ruled how the country should be!!! EU is stuck in economic and political
    crisis. You have sky high debts, but you debate gay rights. Seriously, you
    are so naive, it’s just sad! Judging the country, when you know nothing
    about it, the way we live, and what we want. Sad!

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