24 Comments on “Winter Olympics 2014: IOC seeks clarification on Russian anti-gay laws”

  1. the gay loving Obama is sending ricky martin over to ROCK the games and
    turn it into a gay parade. faggots are united in anti putin propaganda
    fully funded by the gay loving obama

  2. Its just impossible to argue with a bible lunatic like you Sir. And you are
    obviousley not able to show me one scientific reason for the existence of
    God as in the bible. For me is mathematic God, mathematics has professed
    the World around us better than every book, which was written by ancient
    ppl. You just use “God” to justify your own view on the current society…
    im still waiting for one clear SCIENTIFIC proof for the existence of god.
    No hypocritical blaw blaw, proofs!

  3. Return the Olympiads to Olympia where they belong. Revive the Olympian
    spirit which is a celebration of mankind’s prowess, ability, and physical
    achievement and nothing else. This wondering circus of our time full of
    corruption with contractors, politicians, bribes, and all kinds of negative
    issues has no future.

  4. This must be the most stupid made up controversy.People in Russia are
    offended(as am I) about public display of homosexual propaganda and their
    DEMOCRATICALLY elected government listened to their wish.They did not ban
    homosexuality, so what is the problem?Has the west strayed so far from
    democracy, that they forgot what they were preaching 30 years ago? As for
    the boycott, o ahead,demand may actually increase from those who respect
    Russia for being the only one who has not fallen yet to the NWO

  5. God is not pro anti gay laws either. allGod said is love one another – not
    imprison or torture each other. Oh Wait, I guess God is against Russia
    allowing neo Nazi groups to torture gay men and then allowing the videos to
    be streamed on the neo Nazi websites without arresting the Torturers

  6. there is none he can give. stop trying to beat a dead horse. god cannot be
    proven with scientific means and especially the god of the bible. god
    normally requires some faith but god of the bible requires blind faith.
    whatever you say he will see as false and he’ll just throw you quotes of
    the bible which have no logical proof whatsoever. he will try to make you
    fear god through hell and intimate you that if you don’t turn and believe
    now it’s too late for you.

  7. They will never be accepted by the majority sure government allows but how
    many people who agree with it, also many religions condemn it they’re
    mindless followers will do anything there book says

  8. take in account that this life was meant to be test, God can’t show up or
    everybody will believe in him & many will worship him falsely, as soon he
    leaves, they’ll go back to their old self again (FREE WILL IS A MUST); I
    don’t just show u one evidence but trillion, but there is no space for
    trillion, but let me show u a few: ur five sensors & the harmony of
    universe James 1:12 – Those who stand firm during testing are blessed. John
    20:29 – Blessed are those who didn’t see but yet believed

  9. don’t be stupid now. gays have been accepted in 21 countries which most of
    them are most industrialised countries of the world including america in
    some states. so the world accepts gays and many others are starting to.

  10. God isn’t in favor anti-homo laws? just in there Bible there are over 70
    verses directly or indirectly condemning homos; God loves, everybody knows
    that, what where are our love to him (john 14:15, if you love me you keep
    my commandments) how do u think God thinks about people who are redefining
    his creation, he can’t wait to put an end to them. God is against torture
    by humans & homos, Russian are desperate to stop the collapse of morality,
    that’s why there’re aggressive. God is justice & love

  11. yes they will never accept them but that’s why we are here. and there are
    many christians and even muslims which have nothing against gays and ignore
    what says in their books about gays just like they do with “kill all the
    nonbelievers” part of the page. just like blacks were allowed so will gays
    and it will be like a trend. if you are racist today you are regarded as a
    piece of shit and in the next years if you’re against gays you will be
    regarded as a piece of shit. it’s how it works.

  12. May I inform you that in my country, the Netherlands, gay rights are
    supported by 92 % (!!!) of the pupulation and 84% supports same sex
    marriage. Since there are about 7% gays and 50% is still religious, this
    means that also nearly all straight and religious people not only accept,
    but support gays. Since the Netherlands has been a guiding country to the
    rest of the world since the 17th century, you can see in Holland what will
    be later the normal practice everywhere.

  13. That, dear friend, is where you will wrong. A country can only stay
    prosperous and thriving as long as it’s civilized. This is why aboriginal
    races are mostly dead; because they resort to murder and rape when they
    dislike someone and they ended up killing each other. They may not accept
    it, but they will be the ones who destroy themselves from within trying to
    condemn things that they can not change. Only an ignorant man needs to
    result to violence to solve problems.

  14. If the IOC wont move it then we have no choice but to boycott the sponsors,
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  15. Because what they are doing is the equivalent of segregation in the 1950s.
    There was a reason that was abolished and it’s the same reason why
    homophobia will slowly die out.

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