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  1. Sounds like a case of an irresponsible person who probably shouldn’t have
    been given the pistol in the first place…However, most pistols are “drop
    safe” meaning that they are designed not to fire in the event of blunt
    force trauma, like hitting the ground…I’m no detective, but this reeks of
    a case of a person who tossed a pistol in her bag without a holster, with
    one round in the chamber, and the hammer in a firing position..Being the
    jackass she is, she then blamed it on dropping her bag too hard when it was
    probably something in her bag that snagged the trigger mechanism.

  2. Do you even understand the pun of the original post according to the
    relative location of the states mentioned? i don’t think you do. Also,
    what’s wrong with indiana??

  3. Hundreds of those 10,000 cases were actually lawful shootings by police
    officers. Can’t remember the number, maybe around 500..not a big number but
    still. It’s never mentioned that some are lawful shootings by cops. My
    thing is, people get so up in arms over the “10,000 gun deaths per year”
    statistic but nobody ever mentions that the 10,000 gun deaths happened in a
    country that holds over 300 million people with over 300 million
    guns…10,000 isn’t even 1%

  4. “gun laws only deal with sales???….WTF? that makes zero sense. Whatever
    man, you’re really confused and i’m bored with this convo so think whatever
    you want..

  5. yeh, you’re right… it’s fine to endanger all and sundry with your deluded
    and selfish dreams of being a hero johnny-on -the-spot, It’s fine to put
    other people in harm’s way cause you don’t feel safe without your
    safety-blanket boumstick…. just fine.

  6. Same thing happens with cars, knives, at baseball stadiums, going for a
    jog/walk, working out, moving furniture, etc. Lots of accidents happen all
    over the world. People like Pakman like to point to gun only accidents
    because he has a clear liberal agenda in his show to make him money.

  7. Oh you mean the same police that the Supreme Court decided DO NOT have to
    respond to distress or 911 calls. You have the stats and the fact against
    you, but please keep on digging yourself a bigger hole. Self defense is a
    basic human and humane right, those who disagree are either a victimizer,
    can’t own a gun, or have no common sense. Look at the stats, gun control is
    enacted, crime is through the roof. Stop backing up victimizers &
    hypocrites who have armed security, Your a joke with no sense.

  8. There are plenty…In states like mine that require FFL transfers it is
    illegal to give your gun to someone else unless through an FFL dealer. It
    is always illegal to transfer (give away or sell) a hand gun across state
    lines under federal law.

  9. Nope that is absolutely NOT what conspiracy is! Conspiracy requires
    participation in the crime (typically in the planning of a commission of a
    crime). Simply telling someone else to commit a crime on their own accord
    with no benefit to you does not mean you are conspiring to commit a crime.
    Again, if I tell you to stop being a pussy and but the hammer down, I am
    not responsible for your speeding ticket. There is no such thing as
    conspiracy to drive drunk! Sorry you clearly just don’t get it…

  10. The issue is that the 2nd amendment makes this difficult in the US. Normal
    democratic majority votes cannot overrule constitutional protections. I
    say, if the majority really thinks gun ownership needs to be more
    restrictive, amend the constitution to alter the 2nd amendment. Regardless
    of how one views guns, their ownership and manufacture is protected in the
    US and the mechanism to change this is amendment.

  11. When someone starts using a car analogy you know the point they are going
    to make is weak. Guns are *by design* created to injure and kill, and they
    are not necessary for an average person’s day-to-day life.

  12. A related story: an instructor at a gun-safety class accidentally shot one
    of the students. Yeah, exercise your Second Amendment rights, at your
    friends and employers!

  13. No, unless the father knew she would be carrying it without a ccw then the
    father is not to blame here. On the other hand, if the father knew then
    they should both be charged for separate offenses. Him for giving a gun to
    a person he knew was going to carry illegally(not sure what law was broken
    there but…) and her for the obvious reasons.

  14. It’s a hypothetical comparison where it WAS the case that the person was
    acting on his own volition, using the gun given to him despite his
    inexperience with it. Is it not then the fault of the mafia boss for
    supplying to an unqualified individual a lethal weapon? After all, he
    didn’t know that it would be used in that specific crime as he didn’t order
    it. That is the exact same (except the actions of the person given the gun)
    as the case with the father giving his unqualified daughter a gun.

  15. no it doesn’t. If the target or specific crime is not specified and left to
    the discretion of the underling in question, we are in the exact same
    position as with the girl here who was told to carry concealed, and did so.
    Actually, when i think about it, that IS a specified crime, exactly like
    what you are trying to turn my mafia example into. So i guess that means he
    did conspire to commit crime after all, by your own argument. And it was on
    his behalf, he didn’t want her to become a victim.

  16. No, you’re making it about gun laws. I’m talking about cause and effect and
    the legal ramifications of giving a gun to someone that a; don’t know how
    to use or keep it, and b; has none of the requirements to legally carry a
    gun. Especially when the act of giving the gun results in an incident like
    this, or worse. The father SHOULD be penalized for creating the situation,
    because if he didn’t give her the gun, it would never have happened. He.
    Is. The. Cause.

  17. In organized crime, “influencing someone to commit a crime” means ordering
    someone to commit a crime ON YOUR BEHALF. You are telling your crew to rob
    a bank so you and your organization can benefit. That is called conspiracy!
    There is no law against simply telling someone to commit a crime. The only
    thing that comes close would be inciting violence. If you are a rocker and
    you tell the crowd to go riot and burn down the city and they do, you can
    be held liable. But that is extremely rare.

  18. And charges should be made against her father who gave her a gun, knowing
    she does not have a permit to carry it. The cost of the charge should be
    covering all her legal fees and paying her charge and the medical bill for
    her friend, for the reason that he caused this incident.

  19. One question, Where are all of the videos showing the responsible gun
    owners that actually use their guns to save their family and others? ONE

  20. So in other words, you think it’s okay to have people armed with LETHAL
    weapons, that are not licensed to carry, and are not trained with the use
    of the weapon? Like you said yourself, if she had been trained, at all i
    might add, it would be holstered and the safety switch would have been on.
    This event would not have taken place. And no, he doesn’t have to know to
    be guilty, he gave her the gun without making sure she had training or a
    carry permit, concealed or not. That makes it his fault.

  21. “Telling someone to break the law isn’t a crime either…” Really? I’m
    pretty sure that is called conspiring to commit a crime. Stupidity is not,
    but ordering an illegal act is. Such for example as telling someone to
    conceal a firearm on their person (or purse as in this case) despite the
    person being told not having a permit to carry concealed weapons. That is
    equally illegal as telling someone to drive drunk or drive without a
    licence. It’s gone on long enough. Let’s agree to disagree.

  22. (continued)…Less than 20K unintentional fatal/non fatal shootings per
    year out of 100,000,000+ gun owners. It is like saying someone should be
    sent to prison for selling a car to an unskilled driver that ends up
    hurting someone. Again, It’s called personal responsibility.

  23. Telling someone to break the law isn’t a crime either…If I tell you to
    speed over to my house because we are running late. I am not liable if you
    kill someone doing double the speed limit. Again, the father wasn’t the
    brightest guy on the planet. I wouldn’t give my daughter a firearm without
    first teaching her how to properly use/store it no matter how old she was.
    But stupidity in itself is not a crime. If you can find a statute that
    might make what he did illegal I’d like to see it.

  24. You don’t have to buy insurance to buy a car…You don’t have to have a
    driving record to buy a car. We restrict how you use cars not who buys
    them. And no a gun shop just has to call in a background check to the
    ATF…that’s it. The father wasn’t to bright but he has no legal duty to
    make sure the person he gives his gun to knows how to use it safely. He is
    only liable if he knew or should have known that the person was an
    ineligible buyer (criminally insane/felon/active restraining order)

  25. Owning a gun and bringing a LOADED gun, ready to fire, off safety, badly
    stored, etc. into a public place is probably a little different.

  26. Then why doesn’t he also report on every car accident and other type of
    accidents. His bias towards guns is pretty visible. Idiot.

  27. This was NOT a sale. It was a GIFT. And therefore the Giftee should have
    made sure the Gifted was capable of, and authorized to handle the gift.
    Especially when the gift is a Lethal Weapon. The victim is lucky the gun
    only shot his leg, it could have killed him. No he does not need to know,
    if inadvertently killing someone is considered manslaughter, you do not
    have to have absolute knowledge to be guilty of causing an incident like
    this. And you might want to read less of those NRA pamphlets

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