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  1. Ana reverse the sexes, is it ok for a man to throw a glass of wine on the

    The softness of the object is inconsequential to the act and the intent.
    How about a hot cup of coffee, how about wine in the eyes.

  2. I hate when people take up parking spaces. It’s one thing to park on the
    line but if you park on a fucking diagonal you deserve to have a sandwich
    to the face. The thought of murder comes to mind first but a sandwich is a
    more acceptable reaction.

  3. She should have just reported it to the police, it sickens me that these so
    called progressives condone these actions. The guy was in the wrong but
    throwing shit like a 12 yr old isn’t the way to handle it neither is
    getting in a huge heated argument. just report that shit and go on with
    your day.

  4. So her assaulting someone is okay and she shouldn’t be arrested? So If I
    throw something at a woman for provoking me that’s okay and I shouldn’t be
    arrested? Oh no of course not because that’s violence against women and
    that’s never okay but a woman throwing something at a man. Who cares right?

    Funny of equality has become treating people differently instead of the

  5. I swear some woman think that they’re allowed do what ever to a man just
    because they’re mad. Maybe getting arrested was a tiny bit too much but
    something had to happen to teach her.

  6. So she was pissed….through a temper tantrum that would make a 10 year old
    jealous and escalates the situation by throwing things………..hmmm. Not
    a woman!
    This cunt would have never done this to another woman………….because
    she knows the other woman would retaliate. This cunt thought she had packed
    her “vagina shield” and could get away with murder because he was a man and
    isn’isn’t allowed to retaliate.
    Women are so big and strong………..until a man gives her equal
    rights…….and lefts.

  7. He shouldn’t have parked his car like that, she shouldn’t have thrown the
    sandwich, she should not have been arrested. Everything is wrong in this

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  9. Im gonna go on a limb and say that the girl was too lazy and from the
    pictures too fat to walk from a farther spot. She deserved it to be honest,
    and Ana don’t come at me with that feminazi bullshit of yours. 

  10. Typical +Ana Kasparian is on the side of the violent person, typical
    authoritarian not liberal at all.

  11. A woman was arrested for throwing a sandwich at a man. What about the war
    criminals who threw bombs at innocent people? Why don’t we arrest them?

  12. That liberal circlejerk. You fucking idiots are promoting immature behavior
    in the form of assault. But if he reacted within his rights and decked her
    you’d all go apeshit. There’s a reason why throwing shit at people is
    illegal. No fucking reason things, stupid cunt.

  13. you mean a douchebag woman resorts to physical violence over a minor
    parking violation? that scumbag woman deserves to get punished. and no
    wonder a low life bitch like anna can relate.

  14. she threw a sandwich at someone and that is called an assault. you can’t
    just go around throwing half eaten sandwiches at people without being
    punish. so what if the guy parked like an ass the woman had no right to
    assault her. she deserves to get punished for what she did. TYT needs to
    learn the law and this law is very simple it does not need a genius to
    figure out throwing food at someone is wrong. 

  15. Just one question for TYT, what if it was the man that threw the sandwich
    at the woman, would you guys still be yelling “let him go, it’s just a
    sandwich”. I personally think people go to jail nowadays for such silly
    thing and the system is way to eager to lock people up. So for me
    personally, I don’t think the person should go to jail either way, weather
    the woman threw it or the man threw it, but I could see Ana changing her
    tune if it had been a man throwing a sandwich at a woman.

  16. so she can throw a sandwich at him, but if she had called him a fag TYT
    would be wanting him fined and hung out to dry in court.

  17. more than once i’ve seen people just park around the car that is improperly
    parked so they are boxed in…talk about inconvenience, try waiting for 2
    or 3 people to come back so you can even get to your car.

  18. Throwing anything that is unwelcome by the other person is a class C
    misdemeanor meaning you should have legal issues against you. The law is
    the law. 

  19. Hell yes I would call the cops if someone threw water on me. I have
    aspergers(which is a form of autism). If my clothes get wet I FREAK THE
    FUCK OUT!!! That is an ass-kickable offence in my eyes.

  20. wow she threw a sandwich at his face wow man that guy must be traumatized i
    heard he was sent to the hospital after that and they had to run a few
    tests to make sure he was still in a stable condition

  21. She was stupid… you shouldn´t throw half-eaten sandwiches… she should
    have eaten it completely. Man, I´m too hungry right now o_O

  22. This woman was correct to throw the sandwich. A sandwich is famously not
    streamlined and has plenty of wind resistance and the air turbulence would
    disrupt it’s velocity to incur no noticeable injury to the aggrieved party.
    However, a baguette thrown with a javelin motion could well cause abrasion
    to the victim. I would suggest even a bagel could cause concussion due to
    its dense nature. In conclusion I support this woman

  23. What if the victim is allergic to an ingredient in the sandwich and dies?
    You can’t just throw food at people.

  24. If someone can get arrested for having thrown a sandwich, can others be
    arrested by tossing water at me? Water gun, water balloon’s… etc?
    Causes more problems than a sandwich, that’s for sure… What about a

    Something seems a little spotty with this judgement, if you ask me.

  25. There is probably a kid somewhere in the world who lives in poor
    conditions. That kid deserves the sandwich more as he/she would actually
    eat it. Well done for wasting that sacred half sandwich biatch

  26. This is not okay. Adults should be able to behave like adults. Children are
    the ones who physically attack someone when they can’t have their way. Is
    this the most serious form of assault in the world? No, but if you let some
    one get away with throwing things just because they’re mad they will be
    more likely to to do it again.

  27. The woman throwing the glass of wine at the guy should be arrested for
    assault. A glass can cause serious damage if it hits you in the face… I
    mean what the hell was that shit?! If a guy would do that to a woman he
    would get prison time. How is that for a double standard, Ana?!

  28. No matter how you see it she could’ve done some brain damage (yes just by a
    sandwich to the back of the neck) she is rightfully arrested. Now to the
    real question, if it was a man who did it would you be as compassionate?
    because when men find women cheating on them and can do something as little
    as pushing her back he get instantly arrested.
    You’ve been raised to long in gender bias, if you are a society that
    presumably want equality for women you should give them equal treatment and
    for equal rights equal obligations.

  29. Bull crap! If he would’ve hit her ass y’all wouldve been talking about lock
    him up. You can’t just let people do shit like that to folks. She has to
    pay a price for her actions. 

  30. How in the law could throwing a SANDWHICH, which is soft and unable to harm
    someone, be a valid form of assault??? If I was a judge and this case
    showed up in my courtroom, I’d actually look at the arresting officer and
    ask “Are you serious? in what world did you waste your time and the
    taxpayers money on a harmless but stupid act?” Then I’d throw the case out
    and recommend to the police department that the officer be disciplined for
    abuse of power or something.

  31. I think I kind of like that she was taken to jail for assault regardless of
    the fact that the douchebag deserved it. I’d like to see more women go to
    jail for assault, especially when they do shit like throw a drink in a
    man’s face simply because they didn’t like what they heard. I’ve seen far
    to many men woman assault men and simply because he had a dick he was the
    one whom went to jail.

  32. I threw a sandwich at a tree once for punching me in the face. but really
    I walked into the tree while eating a sandwich causing me to drop it on the
    ground so I picked up that sandwich and hit the tree with it for being such
    a douche for growing a limb that I would one day walk into, talk about
    inconsiderate. fucking trees, I mean what gives.

  33. If spitting on someone is assault then throwing a sandwich at someone is
    assault with a deadly weapon lol.

  34. Sure what they parker did was wrong, but when she stooped to throwing stuff
    at him, she became the bad guy. Justice was served.

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