37 Comments on “Yelena Isinbayeva backs Russian anti-gay law”

  1. So I suppose the rape of children by their heterosexual fathers is natural
    for you. Nothing wrong with being gay. It’s bigots like you that case
    shadows over peoples lives.

  2. Not gonna lie, I’ve rubbed out quite a few to her in the past, but not only
    does she look terrible here, her bigotry is a bigger turn-off. You ain’t
    gettin’ my nut again, bitch.

  3. pedophilia has always existed to, but both are not normal. Your argument is
    laughable. . you try to offend calling me gay because you agree that gays
    are disgunting. even the gays like you know that homosexuality is
    abominable and unnatural.

  4. Yeah,i’m homofobic,but not agressive.I’m not calling for violence,everyone
    has the right to use his own ass as desired.Why should i be ashamed of this
    fact?Just because mob whose views don’t care me, calling me backward and
    not cool? I don’t give a fuck that flat suck.When you defend the rights of
    someone,ain’t forget about right of another to refers with disgust to what
    he consider disgusting.

  5. This has nothing to do with morals…you have your believes, whatever they
    may be. It’s a human right issue… every human regardless of race, colour,
    greed or sexuality should have the same rights as their fellow
    humans,period. I know that you are responding to someone else.. so I am in
    agreement with you.

  6. No one knows exactly what cause a person to have a specific sexual
    orientation. Homosexuality is also found in nature. Many animal species
    form homosexual couples for life till one of them dies and the one who is
    left alone finds another partner. Sexuality is one aspect of what we called
    love. Love is a way to make species prosper. Some believe homosexuality is
    a natural birth control system to keep species from reproducing beyond

  7. russian wants to do what they want in their own country. why the hell you
    are interested in their internal problems? take care about your own country

  8. You’re an asshole. Gay propaganda? So if I’m holding hands with my
    boyfriend or if I dare to kiss him, that’s propaganda? Homosexuality IS
    natural, it is everywhere in NATURE, in almost every animal species, so
    stop using that stupid fallacious argument. It cannot be spread, you idiot.
    I’m gay, I grew up around straight people, I never had never knew any gay
    couple and didn’t even know what “gay” meant before I realized I like boys.
    You have no right to tell me I shouldn’t love or kiss someone.

  9. Yeah, the one who have been persecuted, tortured and killed lobby…
    right… because the weaks always have the power… right… NO. It’s the
    persecutors who have teh power and they control your thought through

  10. It is scientifically proved that homosexuality cannot be “spread” by
    looking at gay people. There are many complex biological and environmental
    factors involved in the development of sexual orientation. If a child sees
    two men or women holding hands and kissing, he’s NOT gonna become gay, it’s
    a fact. What IS going to happen is that he’s going to learn to RESPECT and
    TOLERATE everyone, he will learn there is nothing wrong with two people
    caring and loving each other, no matter their gender.

  11. shes just against promotion, that doesnt mean she condems homosexuality.
    Also she is being honest not hipocritical. Being honest is a good value,
    hypocrisy is not.

  12. Yelena Isinbayeva said her English wasn’t good on that day an she said
    people misunderstood her. She believes that homosexuality shouldn’t be
    persecuted but she just want people to respect the country if you are going
    to be part of this game. She also found its unfair but since this is the
    country she represents, she needs to respect it and as well as everybody!

  13. Not quite, douchebag. We aren’t imposing our morality on to other people.
    If you’re religious and you think that being gay is immoral then fine, but
    don’t try & impose your standards on to other people. No one should be
    locked up or abused for being gay. Would it be free society if the
    government decided that interracial marriage should be illegal?

  14. It exists and always has therefore it is completely natural and evolved to
    serve a purpose. And looking at you, you certainly look like you’d love to
    suck on a big fat cock.

  15. The essence of the law – a ban the promotion of homosexuality among
    children. If the parent does not want to his children, which saw gays
    kissing on the streets, that afterwards they becomes a homosexual, too – it
    is natural right of each parents. Your a natural right to be what you want
    to be, but why show your feelings in public? I am also against kiss of
    woman and man on the street, because it is also a demonstration of their
    feelings. True love is an intimate and secret feeling.

  16. Watch this video. Maybe after you will be embarrassed about the ignorant
    comment you just typed. /watch?v=-jrh8VVwMI4

  17. I like how liberals support the idea that everyone is free to be and think
    for themselves…unless they have opposing thoughts to liberals.

  18. Banning homosexual propaganda is a requirement of public order . The fact
    is that majority of R.F. people is strongly against the idea that HS
    relations are normal for humans. The low is more tolerant to H.S. than it’s
    desired by people.

  19. Hey glbt fuckin crud,do you want to know what a cause of your biggest
    problem? This is not a russian law…You’re making too much noise….Nature
    loves a silence

  20. She may have freedom of speech. Just as the athlete that painted their
    nails should have freedom to do what they want. But what she says goes
    beyond that… she insulted every intelligent human being by feeling the
    need to justify her countries position; and by saying that if we visit we
    should respect the laws, and that they are afraid of protests and riots. By
    whom ? The ppl visiting ? Most ppl who travel don’t travel to break another
    countries laws. She is a complete MORON.

  21. granted, but bear in mind that it is the media not her that is inflating
    the story. Shes exercising freedom of speech and the corporations are after
    making a buck with an inflated story out of proportion. Fuck that

  22. What a load of shit. Bigots are bigots through lack of intelligence. Were
    the Nazi’s really Jewish or the Klu Klux clan really black. If people teach
    idiots that something is wrong or bad then they believe it and Russia is a
    country full of semi literate nationalistic peasants.

  23. And I believe Russia can have its own thought in society, news said
    Russians believe in this law then let it proceed. I don’t understand why is
    everybody makes such a big deal about this. USA has many homophobic laws in
    some states an why there are nobody doing about it?

  24. You need to know Russia is not a fascist country. In fact, Russia hates
    Fascism!!! Russia persecuted many people which practiced fascism! Second,
    homosexuality isn’t a psychological deviation, it’s just a different group
    of sexual orientation which are just normal. I’m not fully support the
    gay-movement only because I see Russia as another country that gets to
    impose anything that it wants, not because I despise homosexuality. they
    are not psychologically disordered!!!!!! I do respect them!

  25. Yes and you are insanely jealous of gays .Normal I guess heterosexuals
    pissing and shitting on each other is normal ,wanting their girlfriends to
    take it up the arse, also fathers that rape their daughters is OK for you.
    Get real. The world of pornography and prostitution is directed mainly at
    the heterosexual world.

  26. Great girl,this one,makes mother Russia proud!!! You westerners should
    leave us alone,you go fuck whatever you
    want,goats,sheep,men,women,children,things….but leave us eastern peoples
    alone.You have right in your countries to all perversions,in Germany you
    can have a “relationship” with an animal,and no one cares,in others you can
    marry same sex,in Denmark pedophiles are asking for rights,see you have
    plenty of countries and “freedoms”.Leave us alone and do not impose your
    opinion on us…

  27. She swallows the semen of Putin and some extra dope too. Fuck off, Russia.
    You invite the world if you organise the Olympics. There is no room for
    extreme nationalists and ignorant sporters like this one. These
    propaganda-talks are the same as during the ’30s of last century.

  28. Russia’s laws on homosexuality are a grotesque abuse of human rights. Shame
    on you for defending this fascist government!

  29. I know you are trying to gain support for your cause, but insulting others
    is not the way to go about it. Plus it makes you look bad.

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