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  1. I am a gay man 62 and in all my 62 years I have never meet a gay man
    interested in young boys. I was married and I raised Two sons never
    thought about such a Honorable thing. My sons are both married to women and
    I have 5 beautiful grandchildren. You can not make someone gay. Why do
    these people love talking about gays all the time, I think the protest to
    much, if you know what I mean. I am not saying children are not molested,
    but it is most likely a so call straight man who the child knows. Please
    someone lock these filthy scum bags up, they act like creeping uncles who
    molest, just saying. 

  2. The issue of homosexuality is such a non-issue. It’s incredible the lengths
    these people will go through to fight their desires, instead of simply
    enjoying their life for the time they’re still tickin’.

  3. Is it just me,or did this guy just accidentally admit that Catholic priests
    are the number 1 “recruiter” of young gay boys? Who else touches boy dick
    that much?

  4. So the study said “if a guy has sex with another guy, either by rape OR
    voluntary, he’ll “become” gay. Wait wait wait. If a guy has a voluntary
    encounter with another guy, I’m pretty sure he’s already gay, or at least
    bi. He won’t become gay LATER because of that encounter, I’m pretty sure
    that was what started it in the first place.
    And who the hell cares if someone is gay or not. It’s the 21th century. Who
    anybody loves or fucks is their own business (as long as it’s consenting
    adults ofc)

  5. I can’t help but agree with Paul Cameron…60% of males who’s first sexual
    experience was with a man, I would agree, would later become gay because
    they were gay already. This guy figured this out all by himself? Wow, I
    guess they’re right…their lord does move in mysterious ways.

  6. How to prevent gay experience if today propaganda, media and even President
    declared homosexuality as freedom of choice? Youth likes to make some
    stupid things, but today gay experience is not just ok, but it’s FINE!

  7. These guys need to be honest and start sucking some cock. They will feel a
    lot better about themselves. There is nothing wrong with being gay.

  8. What also funny is closet Bi men are trying to find away to make being
    Bisexual OK to people, cause a lot of dumb asses think they are just gay
    and the ones who are Bi sexual and really think it’s possible that you can
    turn gay, cause they been attracted to men, but prefer women. They hate gay
    people, cause they make them think they are gay, cause they think that gay
    person is making them somehow become attractive to them. Or the religious
    ones think it’s the devil making the person sexual attractive to damn them.
    Like it’s say anywhere in the bible that the devil can make you want
    something you don’t or the devil care what sin he or she use to get the
    person to sin (what is homosexuality also a first degree sin and bigger
    than fornication or adultery with the opposite sex). The devil in there
    fairy tale book, can only make people want what they already want (So even
    your bible is trying to tell you that you are gay or bi).

    So their doing stuff like making the gay man stye look like ever man should
    wear it and using closet bisexual celebrities (ring leader being Kanye
    West) to make being bi seem cool like coming up with the most Bi quote ever
    No Homo (what real man need to let people know their not gay, let alone
    more than once a day), what next men can walk up to you and say you are so
    attractive and can I suck your dick No Homo.

    Instead of just being real like Bi women or like Oberyn Martell character
    from GoT by letting everyone know you are bi and not caring what they think
    ( do you).

  9. If all the closeted gay and bisexual men of this country every came out the
    lgbt census numbers would sky rocket. I had to laugh when Kyle says I’m a
    straight dude..then pulls what I would assume is a hair out of his mouth.
    lol yes I know it wasn’t a lady hair but it was funny timing.

  10. Well Mark Potok and The Southern Poverty Law Center Listed Louis Farrakhan
    And The Nation Of Islam As A Hate Group So Can’t Completely Take Their Word
    For It. Only Because They Listed A Particular Group As A Hate Group Doesn’t
    Mean I Have To Take It As Facts . Plus I Do Agree That We As Parent Must
    Protect Our Kids From Homosexuality . That’s Common Sense .

  11. Some of these promiscuous homosexuals are very good at forcing you to have
    sex with them and feel like its there god Damn god given right to fuck you
    they are just hell of creepy and should quit trying to pressure people into
    fucking them

  12. I don’t know the guy’s name but the guy with the white hair is unbelievably

  13. And the Xians still can’t explain why their ‘jesus person’ never married
    because he preferred the company of 12 guys other than saying ‘they met in

    As a young boy I knew I was attracted to men. 42 years ago I was 18 and
    sitting with my parents at the breakfast table while home from college on
    Christmas break when I decided to out myself. Mom looked at dad and said “I
    told you” and they both had my back until their last breaths. I was their
    son, they created me and it was no big deal, life moved on. 

  14. When parents face the fact their child is a homosexual they must show their
    love to him or her unconditionally and hope they will find that special
    someone fall in love with and to love them in return. Children have the
    right to be real to themselves and not afraid or ashamed to be genuine.

  15. I bet this fake Christian cocksucker fantasizes taking young hard cocks up
    his disgustingly, red pimple covered ass every minute of every day.
    Typical old hate filled closet queen he his

  16. So wait a minute? If you’re a gay child there’s a good chance that you’ll
    become a gay adult? Who knew.

  17. Paul Cameron needs to be sued in a court of law for his slanderous comments
    or he needs to come out of his closet and make a public apology for his
    bullshit lies. He would be forgiven.

    Why is it that most groups the have the word FAMILY in its name are usually
    bigoted, ignorant, and hateful for no reason?

  18. Should read , “Prevent Your Kids From priest experiences.” Paul Cameron of
    the Family Research Institute are very similar to the Westboro babtist

  19. I hate these bastards. They were the ones who influenced my strongly
    Catholic mother to beat my ass up because I like girls as well as boys, i’d
    never even so much as touched another person with sexual intent when this
    abuse started…but after it…it just made me want to do it to spit in my
    mother’s face.

    But also, they got my mother to beat my older brother…who is 100%
    straight, because they told her that I would be a corrupting influence and
    that she should beat it out of him before it took root…if he wasn’t doing
    it already. 

  20. Well, I guess nobody knows more than those who know.

    I think it’s important to protect your children from all kinds of things,
    children being impressionable……And some of these impressions can damage
    some people for life. We see it everyday, all kinds of people who are not
    operating at 100% lurking in the lives of other people, giving them
    constant headaches….Some people are able to recover from certain
    experiences more easily than others….Everyone is different, you see.

    I guess it could be something that is taught…..So, I suppose he is

    Some men will go out with women or get married and then carry on these
    activities behind their back….Maybe it’s best to stick to what you like
    in the first place instead of pretending to be something you are not and
    getting involved with people when you are confused about what you are or
    what you are doing……I am straight myself.

    Hence the terms, ‘In the closet’ and ‘on the down low’.

  21. Naturally, Flingenshit, a failure of the US Navy, is going to talk to
    Cameron, a failure of the medical community. 

  22. Huh. I didn’t know you could get Ph. D’s as prizes in cereal boxes. Damn…
    Too bad I stopped eating cereal years ago. I wouldn’t have had to actually
    attend class, read text books or study. :/

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