5 Comments on “Yup, She’s DEFENDING Uganda’s Anti-Gay Laws!”

  1. Why are they liberal media taking on Uganda? Because of foreign assistance?
    Let them go to Nigeria and get the a harder response smacked on their
    faces. Is Uganda easier for them to threaten? But this is a contiental
    value based assertion. The liberal west and america must start to realize
    that pluralism whic they preach has got its own resurgwnce kn Africa now.
    Leave us alone to decide and manage our life. Stop asking us what we think
    America is feeling about African decisions on gay. Ask hs to dtermine also
    for you how American lust is distastful to js.

  2. The author of this video is a completely dishonest person. Why would you
    say she was defending Ugandan’s anti gay law? I don’t see the evidence in
    your video. Is it a ploy to get views? Completely disgusting! Liar!!!!

  3. For once i agree with the president.This has been a good a decision no
    matter what consequences it might bring on us by the western society. 

  4. Walia Muzei you have shown us Zeal.What i know is that we need to protect
    our people. Most of these these pple at home enter this stuff for the money
    but end up with worse problems money cant solve.I dont think there is
    anything funny with shuttering pple’s Bums beyond repair ………. Obewo
    Muzeyi — you surely have my VOTE.

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