6 Comments on “Zero-hours contracts: are they bad for workers? – five-minute debate”

  1. English people need to mobilize ourselves against these companies who use
    zero hours contracts

  2. Zero hours contract = no rights whatsoever, an employer could punch you in
    the face and if you complained you’d not work there again.
    No Holiday pay
    No sick pay
    No bank holiday pay
    Appalling explotation of people taking us back to industrial revolution
    workers rights.

  3. I have lots of experience as a project worker working with venerable young
    adults who are homeless. I graduated last year doing a degree, started
    looking for work as a project worker and all positions are zero gr
    contracts. I took a position with a company and have been working average
    60hrs a week. Now however I am doing two shifts a week. I might as well go
    on the dole so I can pay my rent and bills as can’t with w shifts a week.
    But cant go on dole as I will still be employed and must be dismissed
    before I can apply straight away on benefits until I find another position.
    I love my job and I’m great at it. But financialy and emotionally I can’t
    do this anymore. I can’t progress in my role as my contract says that I
    will not receive training or go on courses because I’m on a zero hours
    contract, so I am not progressing in any way. I need to leave my dream job
    to just find anything. All this hard work for nothing. 

  4. Alexander is a blushing, sweaty, messy, evil-eyed liar reading from a
    text-book with no real hands-on experience in dealing with zero hours
    contracts! And Zoe was spot on!

  5. yes they are horrible living with uncertainty every week no rights i know
    hoe it works i work with a zero hour contract

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