Gay Wedding in Belgium. 同志婚禮| 比利時婚禮

To give a wedding gift Usually white Clip card How much is the number of courtesy? That.

It depends on how familiar you are.

Oh~ my name is Wim.

I am Jan's husband.

We have been together for 13 years.

Can you answer this question? Oh.

Let's talk about it, you see me first.

Indeed it is When we were studying, we just went to the LGBT community.

I was charged when I saw Wim.

I am full He can't see how tall he is sitting.

I stood up and found that I was short.

I was not used to it at the time.

Being grateful to men I just came out at the time.

I wanted to say what the situation is now.

I am now tied by a husband who is much shorter than me.

But finally confirmed that height is not a distance We have been in contact for ten years Then decided to get married We are not at the church We are actually married in a cave.

Just below this street Because our area is famous for its caves.

Our wedding ceremony is going on there.

We declare a marriage vow to each other We each have two bridesmaids They also read a speech each time.

About their understanding of us Very emotional Everyone cries into a piece Everyone is crying I have never seen this situation.

Our wedding reception (Reception) is held in the castle of Maastricht Wedding reception is just drinking Some people do more casual Maybe someone will bake a meat and some people will celebrate We are full of furniture (laugh) We have a dress up queen show Two Live Orchestras One for the dinner, one for the dance, everyone will be so excited to five in the morning very long a long, long day Ok.

Usually given to new people.

guest gift Money in the envelope Then throw it into the gift box Correct! But no red Not bad Usually white Add a small card (you know who sent it) How much does it cost to be rude? I think it depends on how mature you are.

If it is a relative, at least.

Well, still have to look more cooked At least 200 euros like Uncle and Uncle If it is a friend 50 euros, 100 euros and the like Fortunately, my mom used to like Wim from the beginning.

So there is no worries.

Source: Youtube