Germany to legalize gay marriage | DW English

Meet the Korok family.

Two men and their three foster children.

Until now, adopting children hasn't been anoption for the gay couple.

In Germany, same-sex partnerships don't yethave the same legal status as married couples.

"Our wish is for our union to no longer beseen as a second-class marriage.

Not just to be registered life partners – butto have a fully recognised, normal marriage- where we have the exact same marital statusas everyone else.

If the German parliament votes yes on theso-called "Marriage for Everyone" law, the couple would be allowed to adopt.

They say that would be a win-win situationfor both them and their children.

"The opportunity to adopt children as yourown helps secure their financial future, as it would with your own children.

Think about all the things that go with adoption.

Child custody is in the here and now — butadoption is connected to inheritance – future financial security for the children.

" Both men have campaigned for gender equality for years.

But they say they're not grateful to GermanChancellor Angela Merkel for her sudden policy turn around on gay marriage.

"What is being voted on is something we thinkis self-evident.

It should've happened a long time ago.

I'll be happy if the bill passes, but in theend, it's like getting something you feel you've been entitled to for a long time.

" In the future, Michael and Kai Korok hopethat the difference between homosexual and heterosexual couples will disappear completely– both from law books – and from the way people think about relationships.

Source: Youtube