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  1. Sixs o clock is from spongbob, you know that right? It was from the episode where patrick and spongebob found a baby clam and acted like parents. Patrick went to "work" one night and before he went they kept saying six o clock to eachother so they would know when patrick should come home

  2. Im Connor that was definatley not british cus im british I live in Northern Ireland which is part of britain so yea it wasnt try a scottish or welsh or norn irish and why does everyone do a stereotypical accent like 1/1000 of us vrits acctually talk like that

  3. I was playing this video on my laptop and my cat was next to me, and so she saw the cat part, and she was just sitting there like 'what the heck is this? Why are you showing me another cat?' lol

  4. Connor! When you said your sister was in Guatemala, I flipped. I live in Guatemala and I was like Connor probably doesn't know about Guatemala, so that's preeetty cool 🙂

  5. Im used to yor new vids in this you looked so much younger i questined it was you! Sorry avout my spelling my glasses froze when I was in the snow snd I have horrible sight + a migrane = bad spelling'

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