I Tried To Plan The Perfect Wedding

What are your top five wedding priorities? Have fun, eat cake, get married.

(laughs) Get married.

Hey, I'm Nikki.

And this is my fiance Kelsie.

We're getting married this year.

And we can't wait to makethis perfect day our own.

It's Wedding Season and thisweek, I'm getting married.

It's Wedding Season andI'm getting married.

(meow) And while weddings are really fun they make you do a lotof really crazy stuff.

Ah! Uh! I'm gonna try my best to remind myself through all of this, that it's all so that we can celebrate ourrelationship together.

Very emotional, because for a long time this was not a reality in my mind.

And it was not a realityin the world anywhere.

And so I'm very very fortunate to not only legally marry the person that I so hopelessly love, but I get to do it in a way that celebrates who we are.

With really fun friends and family in a really beautiful place.

With lots of cake.

It's gonna be beautifuland everyone's gonna have the best time of their life.

Having the same visionis going to set the tone for the whole wedding planning process.

Kelsie and I didn't have atraditional wedding planner because this is not somethingwe could fit into our budget.

We went into this thingcalled the White Box.

Which is online virtual planning tools as well as planningexperts who can help you with every aspect of wedding planning.

We went ahead and filledout their questionnaire.

We told them who we are as a couple.

We sound like such a lesbian couple.


I'll take the cat part out.

What our ideal wedding looks like.

– [Kelsie] Intimatetime with close friends.

Also, cute dogs.

My mom's dogs will be there.

And what areas we needed help with.

Ways to take our currentplan to the next level.


After we fill out the questionnaire, we're gonna get a callfrom one of the founders of White Box.

I'm Carrie from White Box.

We help you with puttingtogether your budget, cohesive look and makingthese big decisions.

Put them together in a box, andthen ship them to your door.

– [Nikki] We got so many things.

There's wedding palettecolors, linen samples, invitations that you could use.

– [Kelsie] They did everything from helping us build out our timeline to finding specific rentalplaces near our venue.

And it was really, really fun.

Because they sent us candy.

Well? My skin is glowy, my hair is beautiful, I have lost about 10pounds, and I have a suit that I look great in, and I'mgetting married in a week.

(gentle music) Our wedding was in Washington state.

Kelsie and I both grew up there.

So we love the Northwest.

All of our friends andfamily were in the same place for the whole weekend.

We decided to have a firstlook which is when we see each other before the ceremony.

It was one of those thingswhere the weather was perfect, the lighting was perfect.

It was just this reallygreat moment where everything came together.

And she looked amazing.

It's really great to startall of the wedding festivities with just that intimatemoment with the two of us.

And from that pointon, being like alright, what we do now, we do together.

This is it.

No turning back.

The wedding itself wasin an outdoor garden.

It was really beautiful 'causeyou could see the water, we were so lucky that we had good weather.

My mom has a lot of dogs.

Two of which were in the wedding.

And they pretty much stole the show.

(gentle music) Welcome to the most happy of days as we join in the celebrationof Nikki and Kelsie's love.

Kelsie and I met when wewere both pretty young.

We spent a lot of thebeginning of our relationship in secret.

Honestly to think about those days where we first decided to be together, to now is one of themost astonishing things I've ever seen in my life.

And probably will ever see in my life.

Ladies, you may kiss your wife.

(applause) I've always known thatI wanted to get married.

I've been really luckyto grow up with parents who have just been agreat model for marriage.

That's always been something that's really inspiring to me.

The wedding itself wasactually this really great time that Kelsie and I spent together.

Through the ceremony,through the reception, we were just holding hands,or holding each other just the whole time.

And those were often justlike really intimate and lovely times just to be together.

And we made sure to schedulethat kind of time in.

So it was like a little bitof hanging out with people, and a little bit of time to ourselves.

It was a perfect day.

Everything came together.

The place was more beautifulthan I could have imagined.

We were able to enjoy the daywith our friends and family.

It really felt like such aprivilege to not feel like we needed to do this in secret.

Or we needed to be anything else than who we actually were.

If you told me five yearsago that this is what my wedding would have looked like, I maybe wouldn't have believed you.

So this has been one big journey, and I did a lot of workin terms of being a bride, and prepping myself for this wedding.

I got Botox done.

I got my eyebrows micro bladed.

I got an amazing suit custom made.

I worked out and dieted for 12 weeks.

I tried out a bunch ofdifferent hair and makeup looks.

I think my goal early on was to be as physically healthy as I could.

And it totally worked.

I have never been this healthy.

And I really do feel like Iwas in the prime of my life on my wedding day.

For the honeymoon we wen to Italy.

And I ate a lot of ice cream.

And I got a little bitfat and a little bit tan.

Yeah, and we're married.

We did it.

(celebratory music).

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