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  1. Hey this might be a stupid question but will the live stream be re-watchable? Because ill be a school at that time and i really wanna watch it.

  2. Incredible. The fact that this will lead even one person to think that The Art Institutes is a good school and apply there – it makes me feel sick. Please research the schools online via Yelp and google and look into the pending lawsuits against them. they offer substandard education at an astronomically high price. Nobody should trust their futures to these schools only to get severely in debt if they are not a huge success. There are some students that can come through the program and find success (although it is success combined with massive debt) but the majority of students that can get enough loans to finish end up being destroyed by them.

    There is a better way. Go to https://collegescorecard.ed.gov/ to compare ANY Art Institute to a real college like UCLA and you will quickly see a major difference. This is possibly the BIGGEST decision of your life, so do the research before signing anything! Do not trust a YT personality to know what is best, because they have no idea whatsoever.

  3. Art Institute? Really? This is the WORST school, ever! Don't go unless you want future employers to laugh at where you got your degree. Also might want to skip it unless you want a $90,000 student loan hanging over your head. This is a "for profit" school. Google AI + scam and see for yourself. Terrible!!!!

  4. so awesome guys! she is the team captain for the @ArtInstitute. I mean so cool right? i mean who cares the company has been sued by 17 Attorney Generals, the Government and their own investors are piss off for fraud practices of recruiting (including Anna and Connor) PURE MARKETING KIDS… and are about to go bankrupt. Meaning if you attend that school your tuition, money and loans will worth crap! and credits are NOT transferrable, but who cares if Anna said is cool then its ok to be mesmerized by marketing . NoTE: EDMC is mentioned in the article and not art institutes but EDMC owns and manage Art Institutes, just in case you wonder ….


  5. Am I the only one who can't focus listening to what ( I don't remember her name.. she look like Ella ) The whole time she was talking a bout what she think about Medeline.. so you just starring at her butt, you can see the reflection on the glass

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