43 Comments on “MY FIRST TATTOO (ft. Queen Jackie) | Tyler Oakley”

  1. personally think you should have gone for the tattoo that was in your first "my first tattoo" video. just felt it had a lot deeper and sentimental meaning

  2. hey romeo didi you do the tattoo becous i loved both of them but they did hurt but tyler can have a strong man Omg amagen that OWWWW love you tyler love your work on evrything !

  3. When I'm old enough, I'm gonna get a tattoo of a gazelle on either my shoulder or my hip because
    1. My name means gazelle in Hebrew (I think)
    2. Gazelles are rad

  4. I'm getting my first tattoo in 9 days and after watching this video I'm a little scared. 😀 It'll be on my hand nearly at the same area as yours tattoo is and… does it really hurt that much? :// 😮

  5. I WANT A TATTOO SOOO BAD!!! I don't know what to get though. My friend got a tattoo when she was fourteen! And I feel like I'm late to the game.

  6. I have 2 tattoos. One on my upper arm inside with the 6 pride colors that says love is love. The other is something on my left arm I can not say yet till Matthew and Michael see it.

  7. In getting an owl on my forearm tomorrow!:D I'm a little scared it's not my first it will be my 3rd

    My 1st was at the bottom of my leg just above the ankle and my 2nd was at the top of my arm so think this one might hurt the most :0

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