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  1. I was suddenly deleted as well about 8 hours ago, but the account just as suddenly came back about 3 hours ago after I emailed Instagram, and then made a new account. I clicked on my old name from a "like" on a friend's photo, and saw that the account was still there! So I logged out of the new account and I was suddenly able to log into the old account again! Everything's there; all my photos, followers, etc. PHEW!

  2. For starters make sure everything you post on any place online you own the rights to post, such as your original content. If you don't you are violating the terms. Read the terms. It clearly says post original content, don't spam/harass, no nude/semi nude, no self harm pics etc. I'm not saying you did any this but if you got deleted you violated something. Read the terms before you even use something

  3. OMG…Mine too… #deactivatedtwinzies (I was in denial too at first…and all of those things happened to me too…yeah…I was very depressed too…and Finally! Someone who understands me. But I emailed them and got it back 🙂

  4. hey! me and my friend have horse instagram accounts! hers was haley72299 and mine is I_love_my_rona (follow me;) but umm hers was hacked at 22k and has been deactivated!! shes really sad and doesn't want to try to get it back! but I do so I need your help!! please post a video or something to help me get it back xx

  5. Mine Instagram saids u cannot make this account because a previous account got deleted so how do I fix that i have tried 100 000 000 times please help me!

  6. Please help, my account got 'Disabled' or something EVERYTIME i try to log in it says "you account has been disabled" and i Can make a new account or log in to my main or my other account on my iphone. But when i try to log in with my iPad it will. Please help, i have deleted instagram but still dosent work

  7. Someone hacked and deleted my Instagram and I e-mailed the "Instagram Help Centre" and told them. They replied saying "We need your ID and photo's of you. Do you guys thin I can get it back because if I could not they would of told me a long time ago that you can't get it back…………….Need help XX Thanks in advance. <3    how did you get your back ???????? Noelle?????

  8. It happened to me too, And I did nothing wrong and it just deleted my Instagram account and I tried making it again and again and again but it just kept deleting my account so I just gave up!!!! Instagram can be really annoying sometimes

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