49 Comments on “ONE DIRECTION IN MY MAIL?! (Day 103)”

  1. So first I find that you're like feaking hilarious, which makes me wanna hug you. Then I find out you love The Hunger Games, shock in turn makes me wanna marry you. And finally, the fact that you are now an owner of one direction merchandise …. Just too many emotions …. 🙂

  2. okay so i just watched a more recent video by you called "amazing fan art" and the girl that sent you art (like in this video)'s name was persilla and she sent a mockingjay crayon art. possibly the same girl?

  3. I want to send you something so bad but I also want to buy at least one thing from all of the O2l member's merch (including now the actual O2l shirts) So yeah this might take awhile before I can do all of it but anyways Love you ^.^

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