Queer Asian – More Than Four

Being non-binary (X gender) is It is said that gender is not necessarily only men and women Looking back on my cultural roots In our culture and language we say "He" and "Sher" There is no expression No gender is attached to the third person pronoun The rest is simply referred to as "that person" In English-speaking countries (They can be used regardless of gender) I decided to use it In Chinese it is called Ta (others) I was used to a pronoun that anyone could use.

But in English there is no word that corresponds to "Ta" I chose They because I have to choose something Queer in Thailand is called "the third sex" In Thailand, the word "third sex" is used as a term that refers to various forms of gender, I think that is the case Being gay and Asian for me Variety between the two communities It is also about experiencing differences and conflicts.

Belonging to multiple communities, not necessarily on one side There is a hardship.

But also that is part of both communities It's also about being able to I think it's wonderful.

People of queer and gay are basically more tolerant (to various differences) Discrimination such as racial matters still exists.

What kind of appearance is good and what is cool The kind of class is still seen today.

In the past, the Philippines experienced colonialism in 3-4 different countries.

I think that discussions (such as gender and so on) are very complicated and difficult.

We have different cultures in each era I took in little by little what was considered masculinity and femininity.

"This is what a woman does.

" "This is a man.

" I think that we do not understand the sense of value before that (colonial age) well.

Being a queer for me and being a Thai at the same time It's like living in two different worlds.

To me, the two seem to be unrelated.

Being Thai is It's also about thinking of my family's duties and making a family face.

On the other hand, being a queer When you love someone, it is not always in line with society's "characteristics" or roles I am from China I have not come out to my parents yet.

My mother has a flexible idea We have not yet accepted (in terms of gender and sexuality).

Among us (Asian), especially immigrants Even if they themselves accept without any problem Parents and families often do not feel good about being a queer.

It is "Western" and not necessarily the Asianness they expect.

As an Asian immigrant who comes to a country like New Zealand and as a guardian Families want their children to have a better, possible life.

But at the same time, we also hope that children do not become something they do not know.

Children's identity as a race important to them Not always along, in a way that they do not recognize the community Growing up is also a pain for many Asian families.

One of the hardest things about being gay and Asian is It is an expectation from the surroundings, and a little burden.

In fact, in many cultures, there is no idea of ​​gender or sexuality.

It also means that there are no transphobia (transgender aversion) or homophobia (homosexual aversion).

This was at least until the colonial era.

"How brave you are fighting against homophobia Asian families!" Certainly (relationship with the family) is a problem that many of us have to manage Whites, etc.

, as opposed to homophobia etc.

(rather than Asians) as their entire culture It is very rude to act as if there were no problems.

Do you know who brought homophobia into Asia? They are Christian missionaries.

It comes in from the top with a glance and there is an attitude like "you are late and sorry" I really dislike it.

Stop thinking that you are inferior to whites.

The color of the skin is wonderful.

Please be strong as it will be all done.

When we try to know the new people we met If everyone is a little more tolerant of each other I think we can all do better.

Source: Youtube