20 Times Australian Newspapers Forgot How To Newspaper

1. When they forget to check how their front-page image went with the headlines.

2. Not once but twice.

3. This cringe worthy collection of puns.

4. And this perfect description of an Adam Sandler classic.

5. When the NT News got their social medias mixed up.

6. When they struggled to comprehend how graphs work.

7. Or when they rapidly shut down Anthony Mundine’s political dreams.

8. When the (always classic) NT News ran with this.

9. Or when this lady didn’t know what a pope was.

10. When they asked the TOUGH questions:

11. Or when they asked the great Richie Benaud how he wanted to respond to a troll.

12. When everyone came together for the perfect rendition of that “monorail” song from The Simpsons.

13. When Derek Lotz spoke out.

14. When someone thought this was a smart thing to run with.

15. And when no one noticed this BLEEDING and CRYING baby.

16. When they chronicled the “glory days” of jelly wrestling.

17. When they didn’t make sure the photo they were using was COMPLETELY safe for work…

So close…

18. And when they chronicled the “dacker.”

19. When the paper was used as a declaration!

20. And when they did this. Because…I don’t know.

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