BOOM! Steven Crowder releases unedited video of Mich. union thug assault; Updated!/scrowder/status/281794404115705856

In your face, union lapdogs!

On Dec. 11, union goons in Lansing, Mich., assaulted Fox News contributor Steven Crowder during a “mostly peaceful” protest of the state’s right-to-work legislation. Thug apologists insisted Crowder was asking for it, and despite video of the assault, some of the media outlets that didn’t embargo the news altogether painted Crowder as the instigator. Embracing full union lapdoggery, some came just shy of suggesting Crowder was assaulted because his skirt was too short.

@scrowder How DARE you hit that guy’s fist with your FACE!Steven Crowder #assaultweapon

— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin ♥ (@HarrietBaldwin) December 20, 2012

Well, this morning Crowder is out with unedited, boom-worthy footage of the threats and violence from multiple camera angles. And he still has his sense of humor.

And yes, I spell it “apologise”, “colour” and I put a dash through my sevens.

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 20, 2012

So much for the Left’s beloved “selective editing” canard, huh?

Sunlight is indeed the best disinfectant.

Be sure to watch to the end where they say “GET THE F*CK OUT OF MICHIGAN… before you get hurt.”

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 20, 2012

Corrections, retractions and apologies in 3 … 2 … chirp, chirp, chirp.


The victim-blaming continues.

RT @homeboyh: @scrowderYOU BAITED THEM…case closed crybaby.

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 20, 2012

@scrowder Fox propaganda.. Shocking that a Fox guy was hanging in the tent with Koch’s Americans for Prosperity..just shocking.

— Greg LeValley (@gml41) December 20, 2012

@twitchyteam at 5:53 @scrowder is seen pushing the 90yo man down. Hence the beat down from said 90yo man on PUSSY Crowder

— T. Baguette Jones (@AngryTwitch) December 20, 2012

@scrowder It’s clear at 5:53 you pushed that 90yo man down.

— T. Baguette Jones (@AngryTwitch) December 20, 2012


Reports have been filed. That is all I can say.RT @scasey79: @scrowder Are cops even looking for these guys?

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) December 20, 2012

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