‘Family Guy’ writer’s dare for pro-2nd Amendment ‘heroes’ backfires


Idiot –> @BrianRScully https://t.co/W8YVFc8KoY

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 18, 2014

@exjon .@BrianRScully's tweet was funnier than any joke on Family Guy.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) October 18, 2014

Brian Scully, who according to his Twitter bio is a writer for “Family Guy” and a former writer for “The Simpsons,” had a message for those who are pro 2nd Amendment:

Hey, "heroes" who want to own assault rifles; join the Army & get one for free… go to a war and be a REAL hero. Yeah, I didn't think so.

— Brian Scully (@BrianRScully) October 18, 2014

As it turned out, many already have.

Those serving. who have served, and others, schooled Scully:

@BrianRScully I'm a veteran. All civilians have the right to bear arms. If you don't like it, work to revise the Bill of Rights.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) October 18, 2014

Me too Jon! Did realize I gave up my 2nd Amendment right when I left the military with an honorable discharge? @exjon @BrianRScully

— Bill Phillips (@Photogbill222) October 18, 2014

@exjon @BrianRScully he has no idea how many of us DID join.

— xbradtc (@xbradtc) October 18, 2014

@DLoesch Haha, yep. Did that twice.

— Gunny Dave USMC (@dave_usmc) October 18, 2014

@DLoesch I wish people who tell me to go to the army to own a gun notice with my cp i can't

— Brad Essex (@BradEssex) October 18, 2014

@BradEssex good thing about the USA is that you don't have to, Brad! and don't worry, your Marines have your back #2A @DLoesch

— Gunny Dave USMC (@dave_usmc) October 18, 2014

Already did. Care to opine why I can't have 1 now? MT @BrianRScully Hey, "heroes" who want to own assault rifles; join Army & get 1 for free

— The Cracker Emcee (@Fenway_Nation) October 18, 2014

.@DLoesch What an easy thing to say. Big talker. And someone bled and died, to secure his right to not only think it, but say it out loud.

— Valeria, the Younger (@valeria_younger) October 18, 2014

@BrianRScully I'm a vet, did multiple deployments. Yet I dont begrudge others being armed w/ ARs.

— john jones (@thegingerblues) October 18, 2014

.@BrianRScully I See. People can only be armed while fighting to protect your rights such as writing/speaking but not their own rights/lives

— The Right Wing M (@TheRightWingM) October 18, 2014

"Your rights end, where my feelings begin." #EveryProgressive @exjon @BrianRScully pic.twitter.com/vUc3G0c9Bf

— SEMPER★GUMBY℠ (@sgtj0n) October 18, 2014

@BrianRScully < Afraid of decent people having guns. #2A

— C2 (@corrcomm) October 18, 2014

BTWm @BrianRScully can you please define "assault rifle?"

— kender1 (@kender1) October 18, 2014


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