Geraldo tweets Trayvon Martin’s hoodie is just as guilty as shooter!/GeraldoRivera/status/182982712934674432

Trayvon killed by a jerk w a gun but black & Latino parents have to drill into kids heads: a hoodie is like a sign: shoot or stop & frisk me

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) March 22, 2012


Fox News host Geraldo Rivera said Friday he would “bet money” that Trayvon Martin wouldn’t have been fatally shot by a neighborhood watch captain if the teenager hadn’t been wearing a hoodie and he called on parents to stop their kids from going out in public dressed that way.

“I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies,” Rivera said on “Fox & Friends.” “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman was.”

New Black Panther militia vowed to hunt down the hoodie and bring it to justice.

If there’s not yet an entrepreneur selling a Geraldo hoodie, this is your big chance.

PHOTO: Geraldo Rivera wearing a hoodie in a rainstorm.

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) March 23, 2012

Geraldo blames the "hoodie" for #TrayvonMartin's death. That's like blaming vaginas for women being raped. #p2

— jawillie (@jawillie) March 23, 2012

Uhm…. I wear a hoodie every day Geraldo Rivera. Get over it. PS- shouldn't you be exploring Al Capone's vault? #BitchPlease

— Michael Buckley (@buckhollywood) March 23, 2012

Somewhere the 5 people that have any respect for Geraldo just said – "I'm disappointed in you Geraldo."

— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari) March 23, 2012

Even Geraldo's mustache is like, "dude, what the f*ck?"

— Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers) March 23, 2012

Dear Geraldo Rivera: I'll use small words so you can follow me, okay?Hoodies don't kill people. Paranoid racists with guns kill people.

— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) March 23, 2012

Somewhere a white supremacist finally feels bad about hitting Geraldo with that chair.

— chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) March 23, 2012

Try to tweet something dumber. I dare you. RT @GeraldoRivera: His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman.

— Joshua Malina (@JoshMalina) March 23, 2012

Update: Geraldo isn’t backing down:

My own son just wrote to say he's ashamed of my position re hoodies-still I feel parents must do whatever they can to keep their kids safe

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) March 23, 2012

Its not blaming the victim Its common sense-look like a gangsta&some armed schmuck will take you at your word

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) March 23, 2012

President Obama says if he had a son he would look like Trayvon- He could add, and he would never let his son walk around DC in a hoodie.

— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) March 23, 2012

Update: Don’t miss Geraldo’s review of a hoodie at

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