Hackwad Andy Borowitz’s comedic ineptitude inspires #BorowitzJokes


Yep. Inspired by tonight’s Twitter pwnage of Andy Borowitz, the #BorowitzJokes hashtag blew up in the most wonderful way. See, unlike Mr. Borowitz, who has embarked on a massive blocking spree, conservatives on Twitter actually have a sense of humor. And tonight, it was on display for all the world to see:

Why did the chicken cross the road? The KOCH BROTHERS! #BorowitzJokes

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 15, 2012

In Soviet Russia, house sees Palin! #BorowitzJokes

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) June 15, 2012

Have you heard the one about the white guy? #BorowitzJokes

— RB (@RBPundit) June 15, 2012

Did you hear about the Koch brothers? They're so Republican, they give money to Romney. #BorowitzJokes

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 15, 2012

"There was a blonde reporter on Fox News. That's because blondes are unintelligent." #BorowitzJokes

— jon gabriel (@exjon) June 15, 2012

.@Slublog And then Groucho @borowitzreport said: "how the Koch brothers got in my pajamas, I'll never know." #borowitzjokes

— Jack's Tweet Show (@jackmcoldcuts) June 15, 2012

How about that Dick Cheney, he has some health issues. #BorowitzJokes

— Derek Hunter (@derekahunter) June 15, 2012

Knock knock. Who's there? Interrupting plutocrat. Interrupting plutocrat wh — KOCH! #BorowitzJokes

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) June 15, 2012

Then the first Republican says to the second Republican, I don't like abortion. #BorowitzJokes

— One Who Remembers (@lheal) June 15, 2012

Boy those Kochs are greedy. (How greedy are they?) They're so greedy they took all my punchlines. #BorowitzJokes

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 15, 2012

A Republican walks into a bar and murders everyone. #BorowitzJokes

— Dr. Fearvento (@NJFiorvento) June 15, 2012

"Have you ever seen white people dance? Which reminds me – some Republicans are white and thus are poor dancers. And greedy!" #BorowitzJokes

— jon gabriel (@exjon) June 15, 2012

a republican, a klansman, and a nazi walk into a bar. …sike! it's the same person! #BorowitzJokes

— sarah (@mamaswati) June 15, 2012

#BorowitzJokes The Republicans say they owned me on Twitter. Did you know they once owned slaves, too?

— Mat (@USAmjs) June 15, 2012

B: Republicans are so close-minded! Audience: How close-minded are they? B: They're so clos..hold up, gotta block this critic #BorowitzJokes

— Will Antonin (@Will_Antonin) June 15, 2012

Waiter! What is this fly doing in my soup? Stealing elections. #BorowitzJokes

— Shaun McDonnell (@McShauno) June 15, 2012

Knock knock. Who's there? Palin. Palin who? Palin that Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert frequently skewer with hilarious jokes! #BorowitzJokes

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) June 15, 2012

What's red and white and homophobic all over? #BorowitzJokes @BorowitzReport

— Keith (@kjfierro) June 15, 2012

If I had a nickel for every person I block on twitter I'd afford to serve Romney drinks #BorowitzJokes

— Wittorical (@Wittorical) June 15, 2012

Thank you, Andy, for planting the seed for this marvelous hashtag game. It’ll probably go down in history as your greatest contribution to society. We hope you’re basking in all the glory. We sure as hell are.


#BorowitzJokes is now trending in the U.S.

Nice job, @Slublog!


Oh, and did we mention that Borowitz apparently edited a humor anthology? Because he totally did.

You know who’s more qualified to edit a humor anthology? The Koch Brothers.

And that’s no joke.

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