Here Are 8 Real-Life Doomsday Devices That May Destroy Us All.

Do you know how many nuclear bombs exist today? How about the countries that control them? No?

There are only small fringe groups that are concerned about nuclear warfare in our country. People raise their eyebrows when they hear about how those groups have well-stocked nuclear bomb shelters. Since the decline of the Cold War, the fear of nuclear death isn’t exactly widespread.

You might need a reminder that there are a few of insanely powerful weapons that exist … and in the wrong hands? they could destroy us all.

1.) Neutron bomb.

Samuel Cohen, the inventor of the neutron bomb, once described it as a ‘discriminate weapon’ as it kills all the people in its blast radius without decimating the buildings. It is the high-energy of the neurons that causes the killing blow, not the heat or nuclear fallout, allowing enemies to take the facilities of a city, without dealing with the pesky enemies that inhabit it.

2.) The Predator and Predator B (aka The Reaper).

The scary thing about drones are how removed it’s pilots are from actual combat. One man thousands of miles away can kill an entire city with the same ease as pressing the accelerate button on Mario Kart 64.

3.) R-36 ICBM

The scariest thing about these ballistic missiles is that they were never designed for accuracy. To compensate for the fact that it normally misses its target, the Russians upped its nuclear potency to up to 38 warheads.

4.) The Airborne Laser/Boeing YAL-1.

It’s essentially just a plane with a giant laser attached to the front but that’s terrifying sounding enough for me. It can hit it’s target (usually ballistic weapons) from hundreds of miles away. And lasers, guys! LASERS!

5.) Biological Warfare.

The only thing worse than instantly wiping out all life, is inflicting a Chimera virus upon and watch the suffering slowly grow and decay.

6.) Tsar Bomb.

The most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. It’s blast radius is 3.5 kilometers and is approximately the height of the Eiffel tower.

7.) The Trident II D5 SLBM.

These guys are a little less powerful than the R-36’s, but a way more accurate and can strategically be shot from anywhere from submarines due to the fact that they don’t ignite until after they don’t ignite until they leave the water.

8.) Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier

Each of these babies has enough fuel to not need a refill for 23 years. They each can hold up to 130 aircraft and are basically designed to wage war against a country singlehandedly.

Most of these weapons are in the hands of American forces… but the technology isn’t exactly new. There could be lots of powerful weapons hiding in bunkers all over the world. (Good luck sleeping tonight!)

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