I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen Something Like This In A House. Step Inside… Right Meow.

If you like your cats, you buy them collars and treats. If you love them, maybe you’ll go the extra mile and buy a big kitty tree. But if you really love your cats (like, maybe a little too much) you can buy them a “cat heaven” from Goldtatze.de (which means “gold paw”). A “cat heaven” is exactly what it sounds like.

The German company specializes in making very attractive kitty towers and walkways.

It all started when craftsman and designer Stefan Hofman decided to make some walkways for his cat, Mowgli. The kitty needed some extra space to climb in the apartment.

And this was the epic result.

Most of Gold Paw’s products focus on suspension bridges, climbing/scratching poles and kitty condos that are suspended from the ceiling.

Cats could go an entire day without ever actually setting foot on the ground.

If you thought your cat liked sitting on a bookshelf or on top of the furniture, then just imagine what it would do if it had access to its own wall-mounted heaven.

These pieces seem to be custom designed (and built/shipped from the EU) so it would cost a pretty penny to get one for your American feline.

Although, if your young and spritely cats love climbing, it would be totally worth the cost.

Because then you could fill your Instagram feed with stuff like this.

It’s sad to admit, but I’m actually a little jealous of any cat that gets to live in an apartment with his own kitty heaven. My dad didn’t even build me a treehouse. If you want to see more amazing Goldtatze.de designs, check out their Facebook page.

Source: goldtatze.de / Via HausPanther

Spread the word, it’s time to treat your kitties like royalty.

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