‘Sad sick f*cks’: Simon Le Bon condemns dancing on Lady Thatcher’s grave


Several days after Margaret Thatcher’s death, depraved revelers are still gleefully dancing on her grave. Fortunately, not everyone who disagreed with the Iron Lady’s politics has forgotten the meaning of respect.

“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”  is currently holding steady near the top of the UK iTunes chart. Simon Le Bon, lead singer for Duran Duran, doesn’t think it’s anything to sing about:

I never backed MT. But I think you grinning smugs who think making this song no.1 means anything, are just a bunch of sad sick fucks.

— Simon Le Bon (@SimonJCLeBON) April 12, 2013

Le Bon isn’t arguing against free speech or suggesting that people should be silenced:

@crisbellamy66 Absolutely, they have the right and must always have the right to do this.

— Simon Le Bon (@SimonJCLeBON) April 12, 2013

He’s pointing out that those celebrating the song’s sudden popularity are ultimately only disgracing themselves.

Anyone who thinks that it’s achieving anything other than upsetting some relatives,old tory fogeys,staff and readers of the Daily Mail…

— Simon Le Bon (@SimonJCLeBON) April 12, 2013

…are just plain deluded

— Simon Le Bon (@SimonJCLeBON) April 12, 2013

Incidentally, the Sex Pistols’ John Lydon, who sang “God Save The Queen,” has called the celebrations of Thatcher’s death “loathsome.”

Encouraging to see that chivalry still exists.



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