The responses to Wasserman Schultz’s ‘fired up’ crowd pic will crack you up!/nancynance/status/503919828957020161

What’s so funny? Oh, just this:!/DWStweets/status/503643057431273473

Oh, it “says” something! As Twitchy reported, Wasserman Schultz posted that photo right before a tweet also claiming that crowd was “fired up.” Isn’t she just precious?

That howler of a claim slayed.!/golfmax13/status/503919276281974784

Aching. Sides!!/bosseone2/status/503918862857818113!/Dcoxboomer/status/503923758965325825!/Pray_4_Life/status/503924750071390208!/JeraldRowlett/status/503920637253935105!/KinCali1/status/503926406414209024

And an exit question for Liar Pants Wasserman Schultz:!/GayleBfromSoCal/status/503922183895523329

We’ll wait.


‘Says it all’? It does, but not in the way Debbie Wasserman Schultz meant with this snort-worthy claim [photo]

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