Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?

Because money can buy you love.

    1. Because you’re good with your hands.

    2. Because you’re a night owl.

    3. Because food is your bae.

    1. Because you’re a shopaholic.

    2. Because you’re pretty.

    3. Because you’re a dreamer.

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Which Girl Scout Cookie Is Your One True Love?

  1. You got: Thin Mints

    There’s nothing that satisfies you like a chocolate, minty blast in your mouth. You’re not into gimmicks when comes to love– you’re one to fall for simplicity. Chilled in the fridge or out, Thin Mints are the crisp wafers for you.

  2. You got: Samoas

    You WISH your wedding ring was a Samoa– in fact, you WISH you could marry a Samoa because they’re just that freakin’ delicious. When you’re done with a box of Samoas, there isn’t one crumb left, because you make sure to swallow every last piece of every last cookie.

  3. You got: Tagalongs

    Tagalongs have been your bae every since day one. Whether it’s laying in your bed or sneaking them into a movie with you, there’s nothing you’d rather be doing than spending time with your mouthwatering Tagalongs.

  4. You got: Trefoils

    There’s nothing you want more in life than to be spoiled by Trefoils. People often shame you for your “boring” choice in cookie, but they don’t understand the delicious beauty in shortbread. But you know what? Let them hate… MORE FOR YOU.

  5. You got: Savannah Smiles

    You may have never been to Savannah, but you sure do love its Smiles. There’s no such thing as a “quickie” with your cookie. When you meet up with your Savannah Smiles, you enjoy every last piece until there’s powered sugar all over your face and fingers. Nothing beats your zesty lemon bae.

  6. You got: Do-Si-Dos

    Every time you put a Do-Si-Do in your mouth, your body goes wild. The crunchy oatmeal peanut butter combo is enough to leave you paralyzed for the whole day– or at least until the box is empty.

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