Fox Host Ends The Gay Marriage Argument Forever

Almost all Fox presenters are furious with the Supreme Court for legalizing equal marriage throughout the United States, but one has taken a position very understanding and tolerant on the subject, so I hope you enjoy what you have left on Fox.

While we are making this note, could you -Recognize me the merit? – What merit? Because in our meaningless conversations about which Fox presenter is cutest, I chose it and it turns out that it is not crazy to finish.

It is not crazy, at least on this subject.

Julie Banderas is that presenter.

This is what he said recently on Fox.

I mean, I asked my followers on Twitter if the Republican Party should continue fighting or should modernize because, friends, United States has changed since we were children, since our parents and our mothers were babies.

One person wrote me this.

@Hiba tells me that American citizens They should be able to comment on the subject and have the right to vote about it.

I'll just say this: I'm a married woman, I have an alliance on my finger.

I never asked anyone to vote if he had the right to do so.

I have a lesbian sister who was my maid of honor at my wedding.

I would love to be able to attend your wedding one day, and now I can.

And there are so many others.

One of my best friends here at Fox is a gay producer.

He accompanied my mother to the altar at my wedding.

Now I can go to yours.

Who has the right to tell someone who to love? I do not care about your gender, your sex or the color of your skin, they have the right to spend the rest of their lives with the person they love, Brad.

You seem like a competent driver.

Obviously you complied with the assumptions Fox hiring requirements.

Go away.

Get another job, they'll hire you.

You're good at your job, get out of there.

She is very human, very understanding, very tolerant.

Because it applies to six billion other things that Fox covers.

That way of thinking, that level of empathy, that level of understanding about how other people live their lives.

Go away.

Yes, it's like when they tell you that you hate, or themes or distrust of a group.

You must ask yourself: "Should I really feel the emotions you tell me, Am I obliged to feel them? "And, for many, especially by many factors, but many conservatives seem They get a list of groups to hate when they're kids, it can be explicit or implicit, but they receive that group and they never question it for the rest of their lives.

And that's why we respect conservatives so much who think a little.

That they analyze things a little.

Should I have some empathy? Does it really affect my life? It's something so normal.

He did not even say something important.

The most normal thing in the world.

He got married, nobody asked him.

He did not have to check that he was okay.

He married the person he loved.

-That should be the end of the matter.


And no, you do not have the right to vote.

We do not vote that in this country.

Yes, that is exactly why the Supreme Court, or should I say some conservatives, they were wrong to say that democracy failed in this case.

It worked when it was legalized state by state and then that was stopped and they forced us to legalize it.

It is about the inherent rights of one.

It does not depend on whether people They finally think the right thing.

Regarding rights, the Supreme Court must intervene and say that they are not subject to a vote.

Most do not decide what rights the minority has.

They did the right thing in this case.

We had a conversation, initiated by me, we had a somewhat silly talk about the appearance of people and we mentioned that she was beautiful, and then we went to the recording.

Some of our viewers do this please.

And then the first image that appears is from Alan Colmes.

Just as handsome today.

A very handsome man.

You can work anywhere.

It ages well, I recognize it.

And I want to point out, to give you a minimum of recognition, that in Fox I think it's difficult to keep your job if you talk about a subject on which a decision has already been made.

Speak against him, I should say.

But Megan Kelly has done it.

AFAIK, He has not come out to say that he supports equal marriage, but he has said that the Supreme Court has spoken.

This one has the last word and, from my perspective, they seem to admit clearly, like most presenters of Fox will be willing to do, who support those rights.

And I think that's where.

She's a lawyer, she does not think they should hit a dependent in Texas, and that the Texas district attorney can decide that will not be done.

We will not do it, no.

Megan Kelly studied Law, right? He has been in a court, he knows how this works.

-It's an adult.

-And it is quite reprehensible on several different occasions, and what he said about politics.

She does not seem crazy either.

Source: Youtube