31 Comments on “2010 Classic: Anti-Gay Debate with Family Research Council”

  1. Well there’s an obvious solution – increase the minimum wage so that low
    earners can support their families.

  2. She did a great job countering the idea that same sex parents would be
    inefficient and have some sort of negative effect on the child’s life.
    Besides, how could you even do a study on that and come to the conclusion
    that the one variable of having same-sex parents would be the sole
    contributor to that? If anything, it’d probably just be people from the
    outside’s bigoted view on them like McClusky, making them think something
    is wrong with them or that they are undeserving of the same happiness.

  3. gay people don’t care if you or most of the world think they are “gross”
    they care that they are given the same rights civil and finacial and human
    RIGHTS as all people…. you don’t know how to spell so should i say you
    have no right to your free speech?? no even though your simple you still
    have your rights….. lol

  4. David should have asked Tom where in the Constitution is marriage defined?
    And in such a way as to exclude same-sex couples?

  5. It would appear that we both care little about grammatical errors while
    debating in an Open forum. and even though i didnt’ not take it as such ,
    referring to some one as “simple” can be taken as an insult. Wait!! Are you
    suggesting Im not Open minded or im a bigot because i don’t hold with
    Homosexuality and openly offer choice words for them? In other words, if i
    don’t feel the same way you feel about them or call them what you call them
    Im a Bigot.

  6. lololol ok i mispelled some words thats true but thats typo’s you don’t
    seem to have an understanding for grammer…. or the use of words…. i
    used my know and no’s in the correct spot for my use of those words…. and
    i am a cock socker im a women and i have a husband 😀 i wasn’t trying to
    insult you just making a point… that no one would ever take away your
    right to give your opinion here based on who u are same should be applied
    everywhere and everything…. ciao

  7. Couldn’t you find a way of arguing in favour of gay marriage that didn’t
    involve the proclamation that “all poor people are bad parents”?

  8. Again nice way of showing your ass to the world the fact that you used the
    word faggot so many times just show that you as an alleged heterosexual
    male are so insecure and worried about how people live their sex lives. It
    sounds like you are sexually frustrated or reliving a trauma you have
    proven yourself to be a child and not worthy of debate.It must suck to be
    you need to except the fact that you enjoy shit on your dick as well.
    Really? you wasnt talking just about gays on a gay video..

  9. it it amazing how Fags call people names also. It’s amazing how Fags
    justify immoral behavior. It’s amazing how most fags dont give a shit about
    other fight for equality by groups of people who been in this battle for
    few hundred year(Blacks) women ingeneral don’t have equal rights. so fuck
    then.. the gay cause is so much more important.. if you really cared abt
    injustice you would fight all discrimination not just the newly arrived
    faggot case

  10. Gays will never gonna get full rights. this has been a topic for over
    fifteen years now This debate is just use to distract us from what we
    really need to be concerned with.. we should be debating on weather we keep
    putting fluoride in the water, or our failing education system of why
    Autism jump eighty percent in 6 year. And what about minorities who have
    been fight for equal right of hundreds of years. shouldnt we worry about
    them first.. Instead we insulting each other about who we fuck

  11. Yeah but I dont really care if gays get married or not, I do care about
    people having children they cannot look after.

  12. lol, can you support that statement? In the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil,
    Mexico, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, the majority of the
    population accepts homosexuality. Also, your English is terrible.

  13. Its funny, people say straight parents/ married parents make better parents
    so gay marriage shouldnt be allowed. Yet they fully support poor people
    having kids, who fail at the basic job of parenthood which is providing for
    your child.

  14. I dont know how to spell? i have a broken hand .. whats your excuse…
    it’s” know” not No. also if you are a certain people. that the time and
    capitalize. it’s spell FINANCIAL. so apparently we both should lose our
    right to speech. and calling me Simple is not an insult.. that would be
    like me calling you a Cock sucker.

  15. I love how you said “it has nothing to do with how another person do in the
    bed room” But then say “Dick in a booty hole Is just gross” as if anal sex
    is just exclusively for homosexual couples even though many heterosexual
    couples practiced the same act you just nicely described. You are the worst
    type of hypocrite I could except you saying I hate anal sex for everyone
    but to say eww anal sex is gross so lets block Gay marriage makes you look
    like a degenerate and an asswipe.

  16. I keep screaming where does it read in the US Declaration of Independence,
    the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights “UNLESS you’re homosexual”? Where
    does it say that? “Civil Unions” is NOT the same as EQUAL RIGHTS to
    marriage. I recently had a colonoscopy. Because my partner and I can’t
    marry, we had to pay an attorney to create documents allowing my partner
    the right to be with me during and act as my advocate IF it went wrong.
    Marriage is a legal contract, no god need be involved.

  17. because rights again by its very definition can not be taken away its
    inalienable, and your ”opinions” or religious beliefs have nothing to do
    with Rights, Rights are not effected by factors of so called opinions they
    are immune to such nonsense. Please educate yourself instead of showing
    your ass and the world your disgusting bias lack of education and bigotry.

  18. Again another contradiction you say fornication is fornication but if two
    people are married based on your religious belief and are having sex with
    in a UNION based on your definition of marriage because its YOUR/YOUR
    RELIGIONS definition not the REAL one then how is it fornication? when
    fornication has to do with sex outside marriage? Gay marriages are not
    fornication by its very definition it benefits marriages because it
    promotes UNIONS.

  19. The Netherlands is not really typical of many countries that have marriage
    equality – The dynamic there is unusualy liberal & Amsterdam has become a
    hub of diversity – It would probably be wiser to contrast countries like
    Spain who have a stronger christian ethos.

  20. What is it with organisations that have ‘Family’ in their name? Is it me or
    do these people always thoroughly hate this or that , usually homosexuals
    and/or non-christians?

  21. Sorry, I didn’t figure i had the worry about the youtube forum English
    teacher and they’re red pen. And yes i can support my statement abt Homo’s
    as you can easily google and find out these well know facts about Gays. And
    every one i know accept homosexuality, and most are apathic to whether they
    have marriage rights or not. but almost every one i know feel it’s deviant
    behavior. not to mention Gross as hell. Even my Two Gay sisters acknowledge
    they’re life style is a CHOICE!!!.

  22. I’m so tired of this. It is not a choice, and human beings deserve the same
    rights in any situation. Period. The end.

  23. there you go , proof of your insecurities. be cause i was NOT just talking
    about gays. only you were Anal sex is gross no matter what gender is
    getting shit o his dick.. DUMMY!!! who used the world exclusive. so how am
    i a hypocrite silly goose. you fags you the world hypocrite so much is has
    become just Loaded rhetoric when ever it comes out of gay s mouth.. dont
    male and females have ass holes. so why would think i was just talking
    about fags, Faggott!!

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