48 Comments on “Acid Attacks – Bangladeshi’s Shocking Way to Resolve Arguments”

  1. The education system of Bangladesh needs to be changed. During childhood
    days they learn nothing but to memorize few verses of Koran in
    Madrashas(Islamic schools) not knowing the meaning of it. They learn from
    childhood that women are just toys and are to serve and listen to men. So
    some people when they grow adult and when they get aggressive towards women
    they do anything to the women, and the society are less concerned as
    everyone having the same philosophies as they have gone to those same
    schools and women never get judgement. 

  2. This is ridiculous. These people need to be slowly dipped in acid from
    their toes to their heads.

  3. people here who are labeling all Bengali’s as ‘dodgy people’ ‘scums’ are
    ignorant, you can’t judge entire Bengali race just by having encounter with
    some assholes. Look at the family of this girl, they love her, did you hear
    her father? May i remind you how Brave Bangladeshi people are, they won a
    war over Pakistan. May i remind you that Bangladesh is still a very young
    country, it has just been independent. Every country has bad people and
    good people. 

  4. bengali people are a shit, dodgy people, only thing about ruin someone´s
    life, u guys, don´t know how scum they are… principally to european
    people, they can lies only to get an visa… what a disgusting people they
    are… aic aic..

  5. I’m tears after watching this. Beauty is something that is truly skin deep
    but girls associate beauty with their face and seeing her after is just
    unbearable. How can someone do this to anyone. I hope that guy burns in
    hell for what he did!

  6. this is unbelieveable!!! how come those man don’t feel a shame to do such a
    thing to woman!!! wow… this is truely incredible

  7. i guess the government should intervane this problem! education is the best
    solution for this problem….. for those two woman who live independently,
    even ur face was change,,, but ur living in ur on world!

  8. what??? don’t you need women in order to multiply …..the males in south
    asain countries need hitler

  9. Hah, I’m a girl. You know what? I see you have a very closed mind, I don’t
    have the energy to keep explaining. Also, almost every religion has
    important, inspiring good people. Martin luther? What about Malcolm X, a
    muslim, what about Ghandi, a hindu etc etc.

  10. Do we really step down from the tree??? Fu…ckin bastards not people who
    did or plan to do that!!!

  11. yaaaa… shii.. dishh iiz fkin SAAAD BOiii! fkin cunnttzz finkk dey cann
    fukk womens liivezz ap…. !!

  12. The people who do this should be hanged. They destroy a person’s whole life
    by disfiguring them. I am sure the victims go through stages where they
    want to commit suicide because their lives have been changed forever.

  13. i totally agree with hasina about how her remaining eye is important to her
    – it shows me how beautiful she used to be so makes it easier on the eye
    :}D (hehe my smiley is french)

  14. ok mr grammer inspector.thanks for being a wise ass and explaining me the
    title .i persume that it must be really hard for you to make friends with
    others cause you seem to underestimate people.

  15. That,and the fact that these victims are discriminated against by other
    people, because of superstition and prejudice.

  16. @twinturbocrusher hahaha now this answer is racist, lowbrow and totally
    wrong. does the skin colour really matter whether one person should die or
    not? if you really think so you would be a disgrace of your nation, no
    matter where you come from. and if you had listen to what they said in the
    video, you would´ve known they´re no whores. these girls live in villages
    with their families and if they´f hook up with even one guy, they won´t be
    able to marry anymore, i don´t think they can sleep around

  17. ki bolbo? gali dibo? oder gali dile galir o opoman hobe !!!! manush kamne
    ato ta niche nam te pare ? ki dosh silo oi soto baccha der.. ki dosh silo
    onnoder o i cannt say any thing more..

  18. I hate the way they treat people, they should be ashamed of themselves, I
    miss my family though.

  19. How can people even do that? To know the pain that it inflicts…how? Do
    they hope to kill the victim immediately or make them suffer? Either way,
    they don’t have that right.

  20. JukemDrawles89 I would love to place you in a tub of bleach until you go
    itno shock and die you asshole

  21. Poor little girl.. Cockroaches were eating at her scars.. Someone detonate
    a nuke and kill all the humans. The most evil creatures in this world are

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