46 Comments on “Anti-Gay Conservative Misidentifies David As Girly Man, Wants Fewer Women in Senate”

  1. Is this what an ideal MRA is like? I hear about them all of the time and
    they just seem to be the antithesis of a lot of feminists.

  2. Men got together and enslaved black people for 150 years in this country,

    This guy is a clueless asshole and I can’t understand why after his
    ancestors were beaten and kept as slaves how he can be so OK with at least
    26 innocent men being torture…some tortured too death.

    And his first reaction is too punch a women in the face. Fuck you, dude.

  3. For a person who claims to be a man’s man and calling other men
    “girliemen”, this fool contradicts himself more than any woman I’ve ever
    argued with.

  4. It’s a funny world we live in.

    Why is David Parkman even talking to this guy? Why the hell?

    Why be anti gay? What the fuck is the point, it’s so insanely frustrating.
    Morons like him drive me insane. Stop making black people look bad.

    I wish those torture supporters could just take a moment to realise how
    scared they sound. “We needed the torture, I could have been hurt.”, “We
    can’t show the torture report, it will get people hurt” All while at the
    same time yelling “grow some balls” to every one else around them. 

  5. Equality if she hits you that is reason enough for the man to slap her
    back. Can’t have selective rights. Equality is great.

  6. Worst person I have ever had the displeasure of listening to David, please
    don’t invite him back because he is not someone who is an honest or serious

  7. 2:00 – David, unless you’d make the same remark about punching a man (which
    you wouldn’t of course, you wouldn’t even notice) Then shut the fuck up
    with your pseudo-equality.
    Nothing makes me despise feminists more than the hypocrisy of wanting to be
    considered equal, yet looking for special treatment and using phrases like
    “violence against women” implicitly suggesting that violent against men is
    more acceptable.

    *”Do you advocate the use of violence”* <- equal *"Do you advocate the use of violence **against women**"* <- sexist Wonder how many brain dead feminists even understand this.

  8. Thank you for helping me understand that sexism, homophobia and misogyny is
    not just a white thing. Please do not invite this man back onto the show
    again. He clearly knows how derogatory his views are and does not even
    care! #bigot #homophobe #asshole

  9. Terrible interview. Trying to make the guy look bad. Trying to make
    conservatives look bad. Somehow putting words in his mouth and acting with
    intolerance towards his opinions.

    People should be allowed to express themselves. As long as he doesn’t harm
    anyone, he should be able to think whatever he thinks. I hate when leftists
    try to push their agenda like that. They don’t have any sympathy to people
    that come from another time. Imagine growing old to a society that people
    are intolerant to gay men and women like in the past… you would keep your
    opinion just like it is now and you would like to express it. That’s how
    they feel! Have a little sympathy! 

  10. Does anyone even take this silly motherfucker seriously?!! Who in their
    right mind tries to discuss “girly men” as if it is a legitimate topic?
    This is the dumbest fuckface I’ve seen in quite a while. He’s so full of
    shit his skin is brown!

  11. This Charles guy is very misogynistic and a homophobe. What a complete and
    utter pea-brained asshole. He is the epitome of an Uncle Tom.

  12. Black women punching their men? Only in America. It sure as hell doesnt
    happen in my country. 

  13. Dude, why do you have someone THAT dumb and obnoxious on your show. He is
    so far beneath this show, you might as well have a chest beating gorilla on
    your show. That would be much more intellectual and stimulating than this

  14. I feel with you david 😀 here in austria when I talk to right-wingers its
    often exactly the same! they are allergic to facts, if you show em some
    piece of red fabric, but they believe its blue, there is nothing in the
    world to make them accept the fact that it is red – and what drives me so
    nuts about people like this guy is, they telling us that we have no
    objectivity, that we are ignoring facts, we’re totally biased etc.
    and of course anything that doesn’t fit their agenda is a lie, is
    manipulated etc.
    what I really like to know is if they are really that stupid to believe all
    the shit they say or if they know that they’re talking bs, but they say it
    anyway because its the way they think (like I hate gays, I know there are
    no real reasons for that, but I just hate ’em) and they just try to make up
    some “reasons” when talking to “outsiders”`?!

  15. lmao “All the things they did were in the best intrest of the company…err
    I mean country.” This is the best freudian slip I’ve heard in quite some

  16. “Foreign women like Goldomayer and [..] Andrea Merkel..” (I assume he meant
    Sotomayor and Angela..even though Sotomayor was born in the Bronx)
    “..where MÉN get together..”
    This guy is amazing. No knowledge, some serious repression going on, and he
    really thinks women are intellectually inferior to men. I wonder who’s
    really inellectually inferior.. (If you read this, Charles – Hint: It’s

  17. +David Pakman Show If by fascinating man” you mean arrogant, condescending,
    misogynistic, self righteous fucking asshole, then I suppose you’re right.
    But like Mitt Romney said about Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra
    Fluke, those aren’t the words that I would have used. David, you have more
    “real man” in your pinky fingernail than he has in his entire body, mind
    and soul. That’s truth.

  18. What is that line of reasoning? just because she is a woman so she can’t be
    punched? Yes she should be punched not because of the torture reports, but
    because of other things she has done. like spying on citizens.

  19. Torture? It’s not anyone’s business except for “real” US citizens and
    that’s sure not us. Who pays this guy?

  20. i’m a buddhist and we’re fine with homosexuality, love is love and
    regardless of who or what you feel it for

  21. Typical bigoted nigger, he’s certainly right about blacks being violent.
    About the only thing he got correct

  22. I agree with him on a lot of things. Women want all of the power with none
    of the responsibility. Why? Because they can’t handle it. At the end of the
    day the women (as a collective majority) are not going to be able to do
    what it takes to get the job done.

    Simply put, there should be less women in power because they can’t handle
    it and have proven that they can’t. The reason women are more open to
    compromise is because they aren’t capable of pushing the issues to where
    they need to be. Women are proven under many studies to hold self interest
    more in mind than their male counterparts. Men are more open to providing
    assistance to those who need it while women are biased to pursue their own
    agenda. If anything, I would argue that women provide less compromise by
    pushing their agenda over anything else.

    Just look at the fucking pathetic country of Sweden now. Literally run by
    feminists and the damn place is falling apart.

  23. Kevin Nealon Came up with Girly men in 1989, with Dana Carvey as part of an
    SNL sketch 

  24. The man is a sexist pig, an obnoxious bigot with a big mouth. Kind of a
    photo negative of Rush Limbaugh.

  25. This guy does not strike me as someone worth putting a microphone in front
    of. Except maybe… if he’s in jail, and by microphone, we mean a really
    really tiny phone for him to call on.

  26. wonder why this guy sets my gaydar off. just another blowhard trying to
    prove how tough he is

    the fact is, if we are to have a truly free society, none of what the CIA
    does should be secret except actionable intelligence.

  27. this man is scary
    He is a barbarian and the fact that he has a outlet for others to here him
    is down right frightening.

  28. This militaristic style of thought is very close to 1920s fascism with
    their “manly Christianity” 

  29. ‘all the things they did were in the best interest of the company.’ [21:09
    ff] this is a fantastic freudian slip. indeed all the things they did were
    in the best interest of the company — HALLIBURTON — and cheney & co have
    reaped the financial benefits of that war ever since — to the tune of tens
    of millions of dollars.

    overall butler is, well, just not very smart. i’m not sure why he has a
    national platform, unless he has gained it purely via bombast and
    intimidation. but the logical zig-zags he performs, for 20+ minutes here,
    in order to avoid the embarrassing implications of his political positions
    [and his answers to david’s very clear questions] are an
    all-too-representative example of this kind of right-wing fundamentalist
    thinking. he is not committed to intellectual honesty; he’s already decided
    what is right and wrong, and any proposition that threatens or even
    challenges that position has to be mowed down — no matter whether that
    proposition might actually BE true.

    TL,DR: you can’t make this stuff up. butler is a living caricature of this
    sort of fundy right-winger.

  30. Wow! This is the kind of the ignorance that would have prevented blacks
    from having equal rights with whites. Nice to see this kind of shit isn’t a
    white only thing

  31. Butler is merely a knee-jerk ultra-right-wing shill. Here’s why:
    1. He offers no proof that the Senate (not Senator Feinstein’s) report will
    cause people to die.
    2. He’s violent and claims that violence is acceptable, especially when it
    comes to politicians.
    3. He’s clearly a misogynist. His call for politics being a male thing
    makes one wonder about his own claims to heterosexuality. “Male comradery,”
    my fanny; he wants dick.
    4. The term is “collegial,” not “collegical,” which is not a word.
    5. His homophobia is a mere screen (with many holes) for his own
    self-hating homosexuality.
    6. “Girly-man” is not explained clearly.
    7. He seems incapable of understanding and responding to the questions that
    David asks him.
    8. Anyone of Butler’s ilk who uses the term “Shariah Law,” is actually
    saying, “I don’t know anything about Shariah, but it’s something that my
    idiot listeners will automatically see as negative, and then my sponsors
    will sell more crap to them.”
    9. Pope as homo? Butler is the biggest homo David has ever had on his show.
    10. Butler is dishonest when he claims the David ought to have sent him
    “talking points.” This is Butler saying, “I’m too stupid to respond to your
    11. When he calls David a “girly man,” he’s proclaiming that he has lost.
    12. When he says that David is lying, he offers merely two sources; Butler
    is lying.
    13. “Water boarding is not torture”. Butler ought to watch the 1960 movie,
    “The Little Soldier” (“Le Petit Soldat”) in which two men declare that they
    are going to torture a third man. In the next scene, they waterboard him.
    Of course, Butler is too dim to read subtitles; he barely knows English, so
    I’m sure he can’t understand French. He has no trouble lying about American
    reactions to Japanese waterboarding in WWII.
    In the end, David, as always, nails him by saying that he’s just repeated
    what he said. Butler is too stupid to remember the crap he spews forth.
    david, you do have one hell of a constitution to stomach talking to
    ass-wipes like Butler.
    Butler proves that, in right-wing talk radio, all one needs to be is a
    stupid, bigoted, loud-mouthed half-wit ass-wipe to get a show. Being a
    closeted, self-hating homosexual is just gravy.

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