48 Comments on “Anti-Gay Dr. Paul Cameron Open to Gay Death Penalty”

  1. What a horrible vile and disgusting man… and so incredible ignorant. It
    happens a lot with people who have rotted brains because of religious

  2. Well, at least he did a good job not saying “round up the fags, line ’em on
    a trench and gun ’em down” like David so obviously wanted him to say.
    Shame on you David, for pestering your guest so much in the hopes of
    getting a quote that you could use against him.

  3. “gay death penalty” Is that a death penalty that prefers to screw only
    other death penalties?

  4. Rome had the right idea with the death penalty for Christians. Why do lions
    lick their anuses? To get the taste of Christians out of their mouths. It
    would have been best if every Christians had ended up as lion poop! Fred
    Phelps died yesterday, LOL! 

  5. So homosexual people are going to become parasites – he never explains how
    or why, and then he feels that most homosexuals rape children, and so he
    wants the death penalty for homosexuals because he believes they are child
    rapists – again with no valid connection between homosexuality and
    pedophilia. He uses two misconceptions to form his beliefs and then speaks
    with the assumption that no one else is going to be aware or wise enough to
    expose his deception.

  6. Dr. Cameron, Your outsized nostrils suggest the constant and violent nose
    picking and booger eating you engage in have damaged your frontal lobe. The
    damage you have done your brain is irreversible but you can end your
    downward spiral by cutting out your lying flailing tongue and shoving it
    down your fossil throat, then feeding yourself to the Ugandan cannibals you
    took it upon yourself to educate. I hope you take comfort in knowing the
    anti gay rants you engaged in, caused by the brain damage you sustained due
    to your insatiable snot cravings did more to advance pro gay legislation in
    EDUCATED countries than Ellen Degeneres on her worst day. 

  7. So apart from the delusional belief that homosexuality=pedophilia, in
    reality his issue is with freedom and that money and opinions outweigh it.
    He should move to Iran or Saudi Arabia where they put the opinions of the
    many over the freedom of any.

  8. dr paul cameron i will literally fuck you until you love me. i wish you
    tried to say that bs within my arms reach. subhuman.

  9. I hope this disgusting ”doctor” cunt dies from every disease known to man
    all at once.

    Fucking scum of the Earth. Not acceptable behaviour. 

  10. @Roses Of Time

    Does the statement that Robert Allen posted from the University where
    Regnerus teaches sound to you like they are in any way supportive of him?
    Could they be any more clear about wanting to distance themselves from
    Regnerus and his “research”?

    Why do you ignore the fact that his own school wants nothing to do with his
    embarrassingly awful research? Why are you so deep in denial?


  11. Our neighbor was Mr America in the 70’s in his 70’s now and alive today in
    Venice Calif.. He could bench 525 pounds in his prime and went on to be
    Elton Johns personal body guard for 15 years – both of whom are gay – That
    doctor is so whacked out – why would he even be considered for an interview
    in the 1st place is the real question. This whole vid should have never
    been born !

  12. Just the thought that people want to discuss prison or a death penalty for
    sexual orientation makes me think this world has gone to hell in a hand
    basket. Religion poisons everything.

  13. If parasites deserve death (not conceding the ridiculous notion that gays
    are parasitic or immoral), then almost every red state should be
    nuked-after all, they are the largest recepients of federal welfare, making
    them the largest parasites in our country.

  14. Now Dr. Cameron will be able to put “Appearance on David Pakman Show” on
    his CV.

    Monsters like this shouldn’t have a voice – even though I understand the
    theory that the bright light destroys darkness, I don’t believe it works
    this way today. The legitimizing effect of appearances on shows give people
    like this the ability to advise the diplomatic corps of Uganda.

  15. Hey rational folks, how about tweeting David Pakman and ask him to block
    the crusading, misguided, faux-intellectual Roses of Time from his channel.
    She/he is doing nothing but fuel anger that’s already at an all time high
    from Cameron’s filthy lies.

  16. And the religious ignorance just keeps on coming!
    He mentioned parasites! Well Doc. The biggest parasite on society are the
    Churches and pastors who preach ignorance, fear, superstition and bigotry
    while living tax free.
    Now that’s what I call “parasite”.

  17. Please stop referring to this disgraced former Dr. as a doctor presently.

  18. Is this guy for real? Why does he think that homosexuals are attracted to
    minors? Does he think that homosexuals are one heartbeat away from
    becoming a pedophile? Give me a break!

    He seems too way interested in homosexuals and pedophiles to be strait and
    a non molester! I am glad I am not a christian anymore, it muddles your
    mind and distorts your perceptions. I once believed that gays were
    unnatural and deviant.

    Love is something to be embraced and cherrished, not scorned and judged!
    That man is small minded and I pitty him.

  19. Question? If we kill all gays because they molest kids and other things,
    how many churches will shut down till they can replace the leadership and
    or members that were arrested?

  20. The original laws share what happens to a man that sleeps with another man;
    two cities were wiped off the face of the earth due to such behavior and
    there are those that love to pervert what is right and just. Seems eternity
    is forever and those that turn a blind eye will suffer forever without
    God’s Love to mankind as they remain in their own will. Very sad and that
    pride will drive all to their own destruction.

  21. he doesn’t know about any country where gays don’t get executed? IRAN jack
    ass this fucker should get his head slowly sawed off…

  22. Has anyone floated the idea of a Republican Death Penalty?….seems like a
    good idea to me….

  23. This is simply the evil face of repression rearing its sad, ugly face. This
    man looks like a bitter old crazy queen just like Phelps. Why not mention
    all the instances of incestuous rape committed by straight men, much of
    which goes unreported? Ridiculous.

  24. i don’t have a problem with this.
    in fact, once they finish with these perverts they should move on to the
    Jerhovah Witnesses and then on to the mentally retarded and mentally infirm.
    once they are cleansed we can move on to the labour officials, not
    forgetting the communists, gypsies and criminals.

  25. We should legislate the death penalty for stupidity and bigotry. The
    problem is, that would wipe out the majority of people. 

  26. Good work dude, you can totally take up Phelps’ crown now. Everyone is

  27. I had no problem forgiving my abusers, even though i know they are the ones
    that made me gay and altered my whole life.
    But i cannot find it in me to forgive people like this, Dr.Paul Cameron,
    Pastor Stephen Anderson, and his like, etc. for even talking about the
    death penalty for gays. Not to mention ignorant christian haters, and the
    Westboro Baptist church, who every can figure out they are nothing but
    I will spend my life trying to expose these for what they are…fools!

  28. “There’s no death penalty law anywhere in the law for gays” clearly he’s
    never looked to the continent of Africa. Most middle eastern countries have
    death penalties for gays as do countries like Uganda 

  29. this man is a wart on the ass of religious humanity. someone put the fucker
    on ice.

  30. ‘[…] gay men – it sounds like that’s your focus.’
    Of course gay men are his focus – he’s a self loathing gay man.

    The Gay Report was a porn magazine questionnaire that was passed off as a
    legitimate study. It has been pretty discredited for its many
    methodological failings. AS has Kinsey, but cameron just ignores that and
    recites it.

    ‘There are all kinds of people who have parasitical relationships with
    Yes, Paul, there are: YOU.

    ‘A quarter of gays admit to having sex with children, if a third of gays
    admit to fancying it or approving it.’
    Those two groups are made up of the same people. Stop trying to make it
    sound as if it’s a far bigger number. Also, the ‘children’ Cameron is
    referring to are 16-19 year olds. They are NOT children.

    Of all people to complain about women being treated as breeders, a
    Christian conservative should be the last one to do so.

    Finally, someone needs to ask Cameron what about homosexuality is so

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