19 Comments on “Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014- one african’s perspective”

  1. “it’s a little spicy…but once you get used to it, very sweet.”

    this is amazing, funny, and a lot of people just need to see this.

  2. Great perspective!
    Thank-you for taking the time to try and encourage others to think, even if
    just a little bit (and it hurts 😉 )

  3. well done kagendo ,africa as a continent has too many a problem taht
    ought to be tackled,condemning and even segregating the homosexuals will
    notsolve our problems …very impressed

  4. Well done and said – hope our politicians can see the link and start focus
    on larger issues as opposed to people’s sexuality

  5. Wow, this is gentle yet searing statement of humanity. Thank you Kagendo.
    Will tweet and FB it to make sure as many of my circles get to see
    [email protected] alias the Harare visitor

  6. You are right being gay or straight is no pre-requisite for being a decent
    human being. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I say live and let

  7. WOW! Got this from your dad and It’s great! Loved the ‘real’ images of
    hanging dirty linen…Awesome stuff! Waiting for your second video…

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