5 Comments on “Are Gay Rights a Civil Rghts Issue – Part 1”

  1. As you have said, if somebody had to choose then they are obviously either
    in the closet or Bi-Sexual. But as I see from the comment below, ignorance
    reins suppreme and it is like talking to a brick wall. And to any of the
    Christian haters out there, homosexuality isn’t one of the Seven Deadly
    Sins, but pride and Anger is….So think about that one.

  2. I think your claim to scientific evidence for genetic homosexuality would
    have more credibility if your references were more than just vague
    unspecified claims & personal anecdotal experience. Minister Lynn Whiting
    presents a valid argument. Stop tainting the noble civil rights movement
    with your strategic lies. Yes I’m fanatical about defending the true family
    unit, no apologies there. Most importantly it’s the defence of children
    from being sucked into your perverted “gay family” lifestyle.

  3. I’m so glad that you approached this not only in a well thought out
    organized fashion but also so calmly which is often not easy! Thank you so
    much for putting the time into having this discussion (as a gay male it is
    always nice to hear)!!!

  4. Not to be treated less than because of our sexuality. The same rights and
    protections under the law.

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