5 Comments on “Are gay rights a possibility in Iran or the Middle East?”

  1. Thanks, Maryam! 🙂 LGBTI rights activist and secularist here, so happy that
    you are with the gay rights movement.

  2. I thought that the Iranian president had said that they don’t have
    homosexuals like we have in the west. I think he meant that homosexuals in
    Iran are not out and proud like they are in the west. Well, obviously they
    aren’t when the regime will murder people for extra or non-marital sex,
    which of course would automatically include gay sex.

  3. interesting interview thank you Maryam, homosexuality in Libya is punished
    with 5 years in jail, only for gays, there’s no law for women, obviously
    they don’t consider women able to have same sex relation

  4. Thank you for the program. I know you operate on a quite tight budget, I
    would like to suggest a picture of the Samira Salih al-Nuaim when the
    shocking news where reported. I think adding the image to the name would
    have a stronger impact on the me a viewer. It is beyond sad to what
    happened to Samira. 

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