49 Comments on “Arsenio goes off on Queer Nation”

  1. Arsenio Hall had to put Queer Nation hecklers in their place live on the
    show and rightly so. What they did was bloody out of order if you ask me.
    #ArsenioHallGoesOff #TurnUpOn’Em

  2. The irony of middle class privileged white males accusing a black man of
    being a bigot. They did nothing to help their cause by trying to hijack his
    show like this.

  3. Here is the deal, this went down in the early 90’s. And the ones dropping
    negative and disgusting comments on here WEREN’T EVEN BORN when this
    happened, or they WEREN’T EVEN OLD ENOUGH to remember when this happened.
    Staged? Stop smoking your aged lettuce. Fake? Stop confusing your bottle of
    Windex for Kool-Aid. Arsenio a scumbag, ghetto-trash, unprofessional, etc?
    Stop eating old school Ex-Lax thinking it’s chocolate. Bottom line, these
    members of “Queer Nation” picked the WRONG show and the WRONG guy to do
    this to. To Arsenio I have 3 words, PREACH BROTHA PREACH!

  4. ghetto trash, unprofessional, and uneducated prick, no wonder why hes show
    is off, n what does black have to do with being gay?
    “i havent had gays on my show, whats wrong with u, whats wrong with u,, im
    black!” ok?

  5. I’ve watched this clip on so many occasions. I’m personally glad arsenio
    hall did what he did. He, like more of us should, stood up to those guys
    and told them to find something else to do and if they didn’t like the way
    things are, then get your own show and don’t try and run or change his. If
    you don’t like it when a company doesn’t want to promote your agenda, then
    just find another company or make your OWN company. I’m surprised arsenio
    didn’t throw the guys out like Oprah did that one guy she had on her show
    for discriminating against African-Americans (I can’t recall his name).

  6. There are niggers and there are fags. Not all black people are niggers and
    not all gay people are fags. For example, in this video, Arsenio is not a
    nigger, but that audience guy is a fag.

  7. Great response Arsenio! A man of class and integrity. The heckler was
    rude and obnoxious…I would have had security put him out. 

  8. It’s one thing to be gay. But it’s another to come on his show and
    interrupt the show the way the Queer Nation guys did. And they deserved to
    be put in their place.

  9. Damn, Geraldo Rivera, Morton Downy Jr. I didn’t know these hosts would put
    some rude guests in their place, what about Maury, did he ever have to?

  10. I’ve never seen him so fired up. And for good reason. Not only were these
    people interrupting him, but accusing him of discrimination. I’d be fired
    up to. I’d also be highly amused given my race and orientation. lol

  11. Arsenio handled it very well. He shouldn’t have to host a homosexual guest
    on his show JUST for being homosexual. This isn’t a support group, it’s a
    talk show, for the purpose of inviting singers, artists, and controversial
    people. Not just a person who happens to be gay. Arsenio used no
    discriminatory terms toward the men wearing the Queer Nation shirts, and
    for that I respect him and his opinion.

  12. I really never understood wtf was all da commotion about Arsenio gettin his
    show back.. till i started watchin it.. hes a pretty cool dude

  13. maybe those fags in the audience felt like someone had jumped the queue to
    mainstream coz THOSE people are always patting themselves on the back for
    being so much more intelligent, better dressed than straight folk They feel
    if any group was to go mainstream after WASP, Jewish, White Women hosts it
    would be them not Arsenio… and THOSE people coulda/shouda/woulda got it
    IF THOSE fags had included black and brown gay men and women into their
    lilly white faggot agenda… I KNOW I was living the 90’s

  14. White self entitlement masquerading as a moral cause 0, Brotha born of
    Resistance 1. Only in America can gay white men get a reality check like
    this, in europe they hog the agenda NEVER asking coz they ain’t interesting
    in black or brown agenda and that includes black and brown of all sexual

  15. OK that’s appropriate, when I read the TITLE I was thinking the worst ,but
    on gay celebs doing TV,THEN or NOW,I don’t tune in to see who is gay or
    not,I’m tuning in to here my song or if they’re one of my favorite
    actors,to hear the interview,these guys obviously don’t watch much Arsenio

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