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  1. Atheism is not punishable by death in Nigeria. Only blasphemy against
    Islam(all Islam states have such laws) which isn’t even enforced, ever.
    Nigeria is 50% Islam too. I’m a Nigerian Atheist btw

  2. I agree with what you say. One thing I disagree with you though. The “no
    religious test” part of the constitution only applied to federal offices,
    the states were free to make their own qualifications, at least that was
    the original intent. With the passage of the fourteenth amendment, you have
    a better argument there.

  3. Technically, the punishment is for “apostasy”, so ANYBODY who converts away
    from islam in those countries or tries to convert muslims will be
    persecuted, no matter to which religion (even certain Islamic sects).

  4. Dont belive him, UAE does not punish Athiests only if your public about it
    and start to shout in the street saying God does not exist.

  5. Atheism Is Punishable By Death In 13 Countries

    this makes me extremely glad to be an atheist, we dont support this kind of
    shit, we disagree with your religion but we dont try to hinder your belief

  6. Thought this was legal in all red states, well fear us you fucks, we
    are like a virus , the mold on bread, penicillin. Stupid people fear what
    they don’t understand.


  8. I live in one of the most secular states in America (Washington) I was
    appalled when I found out how other minorities were treated in the other
    states its one of the things that lead me to become disillusioned with
    Christianity really what supposedly peaceful moral belief system treats
    other people who don’t conform the way they do like trash.

  9. In America, they just compare you to Klansmen, call you part of a “hate
    group” and refuse a donation of over $3000.00 to their library that is in
    need, in a vote of 5 to 2 (there are 2 rational people on the town board,
    apparently, but one nutbar of a treasurer who called The Friendly Atheist
    part of a klan-like hate group… see his channel for details). At least
    they don’t kill you here, although I’m sure some wish they legally could. 

  10. I believe in god, but I am opposed to religion. I believe that religion
    keeps people away from god, since I believe that god lives within. But I
    have no problem with people who don’t believe in god.

  11. I get made fun of for believing in evolution so hearing this makes my new
    year, thanks.
    Co worker: (regarding my believe in evolution) “That is the stupidest thing
    I’ve ever heard!”
    Co worker:” What made cows, they came from mice? Science.”
    While I hear about their virgin births, 6000 year old universe creationist
    talk with out disrespect.
    Petty happy I stumbled upon this.

  12. If I lived on any of those countries I’d probably be a terrorist and
    probably bomb religious and government institutions, if they all hate me
    then well I have no problem with hurting them back.

  13. The USA is trying to become the same way. While maybe not punishable by
    death, people are constantly harassed about their personal beliefs. Fox
    News is always making “Muslim” a 4 letter word, while simultaneously being
    co-owned by a Saudi Muslim…

  14. “But the majority of religious people are not like that, it’s only the *few
    extremists* who do harm in the name of religion.” Entire countries =/= few

  15. So you have to believe all that bullshit or they will kill you in the name
    of their fucking God. AMEN

  16. You list several states that bar atheists from holdıng publıc offıce. But
    you dısmıss ıt as somethıng sounds just quaintly unenforceable. At the same
    time you say ”these 13 countries WİLL kill you for it. Atheists are very
    often not protected by the laws. Apostasy ıs the crıme there, not atheism.
    if you are muslım then deny god. you can be convıcted. CAN be. not WILL be.
    I belıeve these countrıes are backward and they need educatıon. but they
    are THEIR countries. Let’s fırst fıx ours. then we can worry about others
    Speakıng as an atheıst myself, we just dont need your help. You mention
    your own hatred at least 3 tımes. you mentıon beatıngs, mallets and casual
    vıolence agaınst those who are ıgnorant. Agnostıcs are just deısts who are
    to bıg a pussy to actually have an opınıon.

  17. I think there is a mistake in your list. I m from Malaysia and there are
    lots of atheist here (assuming Buddhist is atheist). Even some like me
    which is non-religious don’t get executed. And I have never heard of any
    such incident where a person were punish for being non-religious or

  18. The ironic thing is, and this has been pointed out many times before, is
    that religious fundamentalists are atheists with regard to every other god
    that they don’t believe in. These people don’t seem to care so much which
    god you believe in, more that you do believe in one.

  19. That’s true, Here in Iran, if you be an atheist and make it public, you can
    easily get execution. Welcome to my world!! (I’m alive yet D)

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