21 Comments on “Atheist Dan Barker Kicked Off TV show”

  1. Another example of why Christians cannot understand the hypocrisy of their
    positions: they can’t shut their mouths for one minute to listen to another
    point of view. These people are doomed to be ignorant. The best way to
    combat religion is not to argue reasonably with the adults, rather, it is
    to prevent the indoctrination of children.

  2. I am sorry but it is a symbol of hate, because it suggests that those who
    don’t want to fallow such mythology will be burned in a made up place
    called hell.

    It is such an insult to say we are born broken or sinful.

  3. It is a sign of hate because it tells people that they are bad from birth,
    and that they deserve hell if only they don’t believe in one of the
    hundreds gods out there, especially knowing that belief or thoughts
    are involuntarily. It tells us the most immoral message that people should
    be punished for so-called sins of their parents or descendants like Adam
    and Eve, and even worse – that they should be punished with infinite
    suffering, violence against them for finite crimes. But even worse, much
    worse as if it couldn’t get any worse. Those who have done the worst
    possible crimes here on Earth can be happy in Heaven if only they truly
    accept Jesus and are forgiven for all their crimes and sins. What a truly
    hateful sign that sends the most immoral message of all time.

    You either take it down and don’t display any religious hate signs on
    public (everybody’s) property or let atheists and any other groups to
    display their signs. Government should not take sides when it comes to
    religion. Bottom line. 

  4. Funny thing is they don’t know there history. The US dollars didn’t have in
    “god” we trust until the 1950s. Also Mr. Franklin said lighthouses are more
    helpful than churches. I think he also wrote his own version of the
    “bible”. Almost all the founding fathers talk smack about religion.
    Religious people don’t know anything about their religion or their fantasy
    book & get mad after a non religious person shows them the hard evidence.
    If heaven is so great & you’ll be with “Jesus” in heaven, then why don’t
    you kill yourself! – Bill Maher

  5. wow thats lame, dan barker was acting cool as a cucumber and then the host
    throws a hissyfit the moment he hears something negative about his precious

  6. Barker should have said straight up that the scene was illegal. Would’ve
    saved a lot of time.

  7. It’s sad that Barker doesn’t like people quoting statements from his books.
    Silly man.

  8. Barker should be ashamed of himself for making such rude comments like
    that.Eric did the right thing to cut him off like that. Barker is one
    confused soul anyways.

  9. it is funny to see, watch a atheist outdo a christian
    are christians this weak when they are the majority.
    thank god iam an atheist

  10. I agree with Dan Barker. And yes, it was a TV show run by a group of
    people who obviously don’t share his opinion. Dan was treading in hostile
    territory. Emotions run high on the religious side. Dan’s comments are
    sure to set off Christians. They are defending a belief, not fact based
    evidence and reality. Emotions are all that they’re left with. I still
    wanted to see an intellectual exchange. I’m always hoping for some new
    information. But they edited him, and then ultimately cut him off. In my
    experience, the ones who use force to shut someone up, are usually wrong.
    The reason that people on TV resort to force is either 1 of 2 things.
    Because they know they will lose the argument. Or they don’t want their
    constituents to hear the truth. Once they have eliminated the threat, they
    then cover everything up with 10 minutes of solid propaganda from their
    side. They’ve won nothing on this TV show other than to show their true
    colors. The enemy of reason.

  11. I suppose if they wish to honor history of handling Christian symbolism in
    the South they can rekindle the tradition of burning crosses in minorities’
    front lawns as well…

  12. Dan was well informed about the details of the case while the loud mouth,
    insecure host had to cut him off before Dan plows through his failed
    argument any further.

    If government is giving a group of people rights to perform their
    “religious” writ, then it goes against the constitution that these radical
    Reich wingers so readily enamor over.

  13. The “in god we trust” on the money is of course also illegal and another
    example of Christians attempting to stomp over everyone else using the
    threat of violence from the government. They should be ashamed.

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