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  1. @suvariboy First off,I dont hate gays.You all like to accuse us that is
    against it,that we hate them,you don’t get it,and never will.The bible
    clearly states that the world is round,where it says the 4 corners,is
    north,east,south and west,its simple.It talks about the circle of the
    earth,so.In the new testament,Jesus said he who is without sin,cast the
    first stone,so,Jesus didn’t tell anyone to stone anybody.Alot of things
    were changed in the new testament.

  2. We do not have the same rights and freedoms as the protesters. We do not
    have the right to jobs, housing, and services without discrimination. We do
    not have the Liberty to marry who we Love, and want to spend the rest of
    our lives with. We do not have the same access to health care and
    inheritance, as most Americans.

  3. @itsALLartVideos That was the most telling part about that group You’re
    right they don’t want freedom they want a theocracy.

  4. OK. Lets just get this straight. I LIVE HERE. I know quite a few of these
    people, on both sides. How dare any of you judge them. Liz, I know you, we
    went to school together, you know there are many people in this county that
    are nothing like that. Yes we have morons, but you’ll find a few idiots in
    ANY city, town, etc. I know people on both sides of this protest. I
    personally support gay marriage. But how dare you call us a dumb bunch of
    hicks, take your narrow minded opinions and shove ’em

  5. @itsALLartVideos I DO admit that that was very wrong of him to say
    that,stuff like that makes other Christians look bad.He was very wrong,and
    for them to cheer him,BAD.

  6. Props to the people organizing the GSA in this town. Me personally, I’d get
    the hell out of there. I grew up in a small town that wasn’t even close to
    being that close-minded but I left as soon as I could. Moved to a big city
    and never looked back. These “christians” have no idea what the bible says.
    They all go by what they heard from their cousin’s sister’s pastor’s wife’s
    best friend’s daughter. Scary stuff.

  7. @honeyman1964 That’s the thing. People who’ve studied scripture and
    understand the true meaning of it – understand that it was written a very
    long time ago in an ancient language that was difficult to translate – know
    that it is not our job to judge others. The Bible says A LOT that people
    choose to ignore now. We no longer stone people to death for being witches;
    no longer believe it proper to own slaves; no longer believe that world is
    flat. Still okay to hate The Gays. Not very Godlike.

  8. Hi, my name is Elizabeth Black, you may have heard of me or my sister
    Jennifer or my daddy Sam Black. I was born and raised there, and the reason
    why I left was because of these closed minded people. These protesters say
    they don’t want crap shoved down their throat, well they need to look in
    the mirror cause that’s what there doing. The point of this club is so kids
    won’t get bullied, just because there is a club don’t mean your child is
    going to be gay, that’s ignorant.

  9. @Raptor0822 Most of the protestors were violating the laws of the bible.
    Cutting their hair, wearing cloths of mixed fabrics, and allowing their
    women to speak about the bible, are all against the laws of the bible. I
    could list a dozen of other laws I suspect they violate as well. They are
    hypocrites and bigots, because they pick and choose which laws to enforce,
    and which to ignore. The bible lists over 60 abominations, how many do you
    and them violate, I can name three.

  10. Wow, they are the dumbest bunch of hicks I have ever seen. Next time you
    should bring flower and blow it on them which saying your gave them the gay.

  11. Congratulations Mitchell County Gay Straight Alliance! Keep up the great
    work – for all of our families.

  12. And as for marriage, most of these people have been married, divorced and
    remarried, guess what that’s a sin. Most of these protesters need to look
    in the mirror cause if they really follow what God says then I wouldn’t
    know a lot of their dark secrets 🙂

  13. @Raptor0822 The Bible does not say anything about a woman lying with a
    woman. I don’t subscribe to the Bible’s ancient and ridiculous morality
    system (and neither do you, I’m quite sure), but I think if you’re going to
    refer to it you should at least get it right.

  14. though a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) is in many cases a school
    organization? from what I’ve read, in this particular instance it’s an
    adult group & is NOT connected w/schools. just a similar name is all.
    though the protestors “know” what’s happening. uh yeah. crudely painted
    “…Bad Bad No No” sign? like something out of The Shining (‘all work and
    no play…’) minus the supernatural elements…quite real, and disturbingly

  15. “Only Christians in Bakersville”…. (applause). So, no Jews, no Hindus, no
    Muslims, no atheists, nobody else, only Christians. Let’s all be exactly
    the same… So much for religious freedom. Sounds like these poor,
    misguided, ignorant people want a Theocracy, not a Democracy. They forgot
    they were in the United States, I guess.

  16. @rextrek We’re not all like those bigots. Look at the people in this video
    who are creating the GSA. Come to Chapel Hill & Carrboro where an
    overwhelming majority of people support LGBT rights. Or, if you really want
    to piss off the “Christian” protesters in this video, visit Asheville (the
    city they mentioned, which is near Bakersville), which is possibly the most
    popular LGBT tourist destination in North Carolina.

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