23 Comments on “Being gay in Sochi”

  1. I’m disgusted by this constant gay propaganda. Go and do each other where
    and how you want but dont push it on us and don’t disturb people on streets
    with your fetishist gay parades- dildos and pink feathers in rectum. That’s
    what makes people angry. Leave everyone alone you intrusive, attention

  2. The mayor of Sochi declared that there were no gays in Sochi.

    Oh look, gays in Sochi…..

  3. Gay’s are not born that way, God made all of us in the image of him. When
    we entered this fallen world with sin and corruption thats when they became
    gay from sexual immorality…

  4. The Christopher Columbian U.S. Philosophy,,, I am holier than thou and for
    that reason you must die,give me your gold and wealth,,to rule by killing

  5. I don’t know what to believe is this a promotion for the Olympics because
    they already started building for it or is this real. Being gay has nothing
    to do with drag shows and lady boys dancing but about people who have sex
    with the same gender regardless of what they wear or act like. It’s what
    you see in the culture out on the streets on a daily basis and not just 1
    gay friendly bar in a whole town of people. I don’t know but people don ‘t
    fool me with this sudden tolerance crap when they have hundreds of times
    the videos showing the opposite in Russia. Just saw a video where an angry
    religious and intolerant mob was trying to noose a gay man just because he
    was gay in a Georgia.

  6. Americans are pissed off because they cannot make big bucks out of the
    Sochi Olympics. If so much love for gays,then the U.S. Should have a Gay
    and Lesbian Army

  7. Put-In ass, get it? haha. But really why gay people get so butthurt over
    this. I’m fine with people being gay, but I’m not fine with gay people
    walking half naked, sometime only in underwear waving rainbow flags. Gays
    don’t want equal right they want to be threated special and that’s wrong.

  8. When will people learn, that you can’t spray the gay away. Homosexuals have
    been in existence since the beginning and aren’t going to stop being who
    they are because you’re tired of seeing them or you think lowly of them.
    Based on this video alone I can assume Russia has some very prominent gays,
    so obviously you Guys excepting to an extent. Get over it.

  9. Interesting, Sochi was a Russian gay spot—-Must be fate that it’s now the
    focal point of the gay rights struggle!!!

  10. America, first fix your human rights with the blacks, who were humiliated
    as slaves for centuries, then native americans that were destroyed in their
    OWN land and THEN! try to tell other countries what they can and cannot do!
    fucking hypocrites burger eaters!:))

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