Being Gay in the USA

Since 2003 the US Supreme Court has said that States can’t make consensual private homosexual activities between two adults a crime. Yet gay people in the US…

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  1. You think covering your fingers,mouth and penis in feces on a daily basis
    is healthy….I’m being sarcastic by the way,gay is a choice,saying you
    were born this way is just an excuse,they love sex TOO MUCH.

  2. I am surprized why not to legalize poligamy, zoophily and others
    deviations. They are not worse than homosexuality

  3. “Don’t be a prisoner of your religion”

    More like

    “Don’t be a prisoner of your homosexual agenda”

    Liberal double standards and hypocrisy abound.

  4. Why do these mini-documentaries always go on about religion? People who
    believe in man made mythical scripts need shock therapy to bring them back
    to this century. Sexuality was not a topic until the invention of various

  5. There is no forgiveness or love for the wicked. The homosexuals can
    rationalize and even defend their filthy lifestyle as much as they want.
    But it will not change the hearts and minds of the majority who are
    straight, Christian, conservative, and moral upstanding citizens who
    worship God.

  6. We are supposed to have a separation of church and state here in the US.
    Government should have no say what so ever when it comes to marriage cause
    marriage is a religious ceremony. I think the people on both sides of this
    debate would be better off fighting together to get government out of you
    personal relationships/marriages.

  7. I don’t understand, why do gays always have such a weird “tone” in their
    voice, it’s like their tongue is swollen or something or there is a dick in
    their mouth. Really weird, almost all gays have that symptom.

  8. There is a massive difference between being gay in a blue state and being
    gay in a red state.

    In America at least. Is it the same case in Russia?

  9. Queer or faggot life style is a mental illness. Homo can be cured through
    therapy and heavy dose of medication

  10. It’s the 21st century now. Isn’t it about time people start worrying about
    more important things like poverty, hunger, etc instead of getting their
    knickers in knots over whether two people of the same sex love one another?
    The last time I checked, Love is Love, no matter who it is shared between.
    For the comment trolls here, all I feel is sorry for you.

  11. Gay propaganda.
    Gay people are the most psycho people Ive seen, look at these people. Its a
    mental disorder.

  12. Good job RT, time to put the USA back in their place, they must first have
    a look at themselves before they open their filthy mouths at Russia on this

  13. RT stands for RUSSIA TODAY, This video shows the struggles that gay people
    go through in the United States, where i currently live, and i ll tell you
    what, the gay kid in my high school was one of the most popular kids with
    many straight friends, I that same kid went to school in Russia, where i
    also lived, he would of been kicked in his face and i mean literally.
    Everyone who watches this show needs to know that this channel will only
    point out things that are bad in USA while keep its mouth shut on the same
    things that are much, much worse in Russia.

  14. I can understand wanting the right to marry and be accepted but why church?
    Religion in general has done nothing but shun LGBT people and even invoke
    violence against them. It makes no sense than a lesbian, gay, bi or trans
    person would want anything to do with religion. Since science tells us so
    much about ourselves including our sexual orientation it would seem LGBT
    people would flee the intellectual black out of church and seek science as
    a comforting venture. This video has also attracted a shit load of
    homophobic bigoted idiots. It’s clear that there are people in this world
    who are itching at the chance to be as hurtful as possible towards others
    simply because of their differences. Ignorance will never result in
    positive progress, remember that next time you latch on to your draconian
    attitudes. You have the right to say what you wish but I equally have the
    right to call you all out on your nonsense. Cheers =)

  15. The way he acts ,the way he talks ,the way he walks,I am a sinner I want to
    bang every hot chick I see ,we must all fight something,,have they found
    the gay gene yet? Nope! This man enjoys the attention period ! He wants me
    to accept gay bath houses on every corner,Dangerous lifestyle,Dangerous
    lifestyle,you are fighting your flesh, weather money,drugs ,or sex,Jesus
    says no you love fighting that,I must want to change ,bottom line

  16. The USA, always is filtering what they are ok and not ok with. Violence on
    TV=Great, no problem. Nudity on TV=God forbid. Hetero Marriage with all its
    problems (spousal abuse, child abuse, divorce, suicide)=Great. Gay
    Marriage= NO!!!! abomination. Who understands them??

  17. 2 ways I see Gays::: Thank You Gays for leaving so many Beautiful women for
    Me to Talk to and have a chance with I like not having to compete and
    Lesbians 🙂
    2. Gay people might not be able to procreate themselves but they can Hire a
    person who may have never had a child to carry a child and they raise it
    and also there are Hundreds of orphans that need love and from what I’ve
    seen Gay people are just as good and needed to help those kids to so there
    goes that they can’t help with future crap so what is the Big Damn deal
    with letting them Marry My Wife and I have been for 4 years and if we are
    entitled to have something so beautiful then why shouldn’t they be able to
    marry the one they love this is why Religion needs to stay out of it now
    don’t sue for Lible but People just want to be Happy without Your Bible Ok
    we don’t care what that Novel says were Glad you do whatever your imaginary
    friend says but that’s You not everyone so CHILL and quit wasting the Govs
    precious time with this crap cause they may actually balance the budget or
    cure AIDS or Cancer if they didn’t have to devote so much time and money to
    stopping the Gays from getting a peice of paper and the ability to be taken
    care of if something happened to their partner like life insurance or
    benefits any married couple gets that’s all they want why should they

  18. Well we all know were that chuch is going or already there. Those people
    should be ashamed of themselves. Good way to thin the herd. All gays
    lesbo’s need to join this faith. Free fagfest after each mass. Come right
    in an bend over we take all who come. Discusting filth on this earth needs
    to be cleansed. Can’t wait for God to throw a lighting bolt and fry some
    trash left behind from Satan. 

  19. Russian TV talking about being gay in USA? What’s next? Al Jazeera talking
    about how much discriminated the gays are in USA?

  20. Ummm… geographically speaking; tis fact, the interior of most nation’s;
    when suppressed, know less than coastal people.
    Religiously speaking… tis fact; “mis-education is key to assimilation.”

    Them there religious cracker mother fucker’s, are praying for your all’s
    destruction… here in “america!” Ummm… and the Muslims, Wetback’s,
    Niggers… and new to the show…! “White Trash.” WELCOME TO

    The fag saying that he Gets stigmatized, by “others?” The fags and dikes
    here in seattle are prudes, and I swear to you, they have the nerve to be
    And the dikes hate men! All this is “broadcast loudly” in seattle… and
    I’m hearing it! HATE!
    So go on deny it… “I’m not, my friend’s are not.” So all is well then.

  21. Be who you are do not hide yourself from others.

    If others tell you its bad, evil, a sin, a mental disorder, to which I say

    “That’s like your opinion man!”

    And if they try to beat you up for it or kill you, stand your ground, fight
    back, defend your right to be what you want, to be true to yourself and
    your feelings, and to be what nature intended you to be.

    As for myself I am a openly homosexual male, been so since I was 11 now I
    am 22.

    RT did an awesome job on this documentary.

    And to all ya haters out there I love ya :P

  22. If there’s one advantage of living in the UK it’s that nobody takes any
    notice of what the churches say.

  23. What about prostitution or rapist these are life styles like homo faggot
    should society condone prostitution, rapist or queer life styles? Hell no.

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