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  1. What you’re describing is a gay form of Manga called Yaoi (boys love) that
    while gay male oriented is often written by women and popular with women.
    As for seme (top) and uke (bottom) these terms originally come from
    martial arts meaning “to attack” and “to receive” respectively.

    As for who would be the seme (top) and who would be the uke (bottom ) in a
    Cenk/David pairing, my experience is that often the big,
    bearish, aggressive types like Cenk, when you get them behind closed doors,
    secretly crave being dominated (being the uke).

  2. cenk looked longingly in david’s youngish eyes which hinted at innocence
    and impish impudence.

    “How much man can you pack in, David?” Cenk said his coarse voice scarcely
    above a whisper. He needed this Jew as no Turk had needed a Jew before.

    Overcome with liberal passion as if a thousand American flags were burning
    in his heart, David shouted, “Take me now on this pile of Bibles and use
    the Constitution as a condom! Terrorize my Afghanistan, you filthy muslim
    terrorist brute!”

    And what followed next would make George Washington and Baby Jesus weep.

  3. “seme” literally translates basically to “attacker”, and is commonly used
    to refer to the dominant man in a gay relationship. “Uke” literally
    translates basically to “receiver”, and refers to the submissive man in a
    gay relationship. Man, never thought I’d be talking about yaoi terminology
    on a news channel on youtube XD

    Cenk sighs with relief as the show ends. He subtly smiles to himself;
    satisfied with the day’s work. Satisfied with The Young Turks’ exposure of
    the absurdity and bigotry of the right wing. Satisfied with his humorous
    yet thought provoking coverage of the issues the younger generation needs
    to care about. And rightfully so.
    Just like any other day, Cenk is satisfied. Yet something makes his heart
    grow heavy. It turns his subtle grin to a stoic gaze. Ana glances at him;
    curious. She says nothing at first, but her thoughts are consumed by the
    weary Turk. What could possibly upset a seasoned liberal anchor like Cenk,
    she wonders. Sure, he may get a little heated or upset during the show, but
    after years of abuse from the bitter dominatrix that is Mother Earth, he’s
    learned to just enjoy life when the cameras are off. Suddenly, she realizes
    something. Not hesitating at all, she confronts him. “You love him, don’t
    you,” she says.
    He acts like he didn’t hear anything at first, but an uncontrollable force
    starts to grow within him. Unable to hold back, he lets himself go.
    Cenk’s sorrowful passion spills out into the air, shattering Ana’s mug. She
    flinches a bit, but just as quickly composes herself; having been used to
    the Turkish beast’s powerful calls. “He needs you, you know,” she says.
    Cenk looks towards Ana; her reassurance having calmed him. “Do you really
    think so?” he says.
    Ana considers mustering up a weak, playful “of course,” but decides against
    it. “How else is he going to be able to handle the stress of five shows a
    With that, Cenk realizes that he must be strong for his precious little
    liberal lovebird. Without another word, he rushes out the door and to the
    David sits alone in his apartment. His head held in his hands, he weeps
    softly; longing for someone to help him. For someone to talk to. For
    someone to hold him.
    knock knock
    The sound of large, meaty fists crashing against a wooden door bellows
    throughout David’s apartment. He wipes the tears from his face and arrives
    at the door, doing his best to seem as calm and collected as always. He
    opens the door. “C-Cenk?!” he calls out, surprised. “What are you doing
    here? Why are you here?”
    Cenk smiles. “Well, there are any number of reasons…” he says playfully.
    David blushes a bit, slightly offended. “You’re mocking me…”
    “And why are you blushing?” says Cenk. “W-well, there are any number of
    reas-…” David blushes harder as he turns away, trying to hide his
    embarrassment. Cenk approaches David slowly. He embraces David, rubbing his
    hand along David’s side sensually.
    “H-how did you know?” he asks softly. Cenk wraps his arms around him,
    pulling him closer. He whispers “Well…you know what they say. Love has a
    liberal bias.”
    David turns, his sparkling eyes locking with Cenk’s. Suddenly, Cenk presses
    his big lips against David’s, their tongues dancing in a tender embrace.
    David moans softly, his sizable bulge pressing up against Cenk’s crotch as
    they pull eachother closer; both of them starting to softly grind against
    eachother as their members grow. In a burst of fiery passion, Cenk lifts
    David up and places him on his bed, his supple ass in the air and his face
    resting on a pillow. Cenk grasps David’s pants and tears them off with a
    single pull. He gazes at it for a moment, his eyes scanning David’s soft
    legs, gorgeous balls, and tight pucker. Cenk tears his own pants off as
    well, revealing his fully erect ten inch cock. Without hesitation, Cenk
    thrusts his throbbing dick into David’s entrance, taking it to the hilt.
    Slowly, he starts to thrust into David, David’s hips gyrating in tandem
    with Cenk’s movements. Thrust……thrust…..thrust…with each thrust
    Cenk moves faster and faster; his cock drooling a liberal amount of precum
    in order to keep things lubricated. David moans loudly, his right hand
    stroking his member swiftly as his left grasps the covers tightly. Though
    completely overcome with bliss, David manages to piece together a sentence.
    “nnngh…w-wil you–unf–l-love me forever?”
    Through his heavy breathing and loud grunts, Cenk screams out “OF
    COOOOOURSE!” as he finally cums, filling David’s hole with his hot seed.
    David cums as well, making quite a mess of the covers below him as his ass
    squeezes Cenk’s cock.
    Cenk lays down next to David and pants slowly, exhausted. David cuddles up
    next to Cenk, resting his head on Cenk’s chest. “I love you, Cenk.”
    “I love you too, David.”

  5. I wouldn’t mind reading some Cenk Uygur & David Pakman gay fanfiction. Only
    without that yuke stuff whatever it is

  6. I can’t believe I’ve never thought to ship Cenk and David, but… yes. It’s
    good. Very good. Trembling, snarky, boyish David dominated by pervy,
    boisterous, loud bear Cenk. It’s good. I don’t need the fiction in front of
    me, I can masturbate to the idea easily.

  7. Rule 34 of the internet, David. “If it exists, there is porn of it, no
    exceptions.” Educate yourself.
    As a follow-up, Rule 35. “If no porn exists of it, it will be made, no

  8. There’s also gay fanfic stories about Jon Steward and Steven Colbert. John
    Oliver talked about this in his stand up program :D

  9. I watch TYT…Cenk as well as David….being gay myself, I have never
    thought about the two of theses men together! lol

  10. Never thought of it but I want to read it now (If I was going to write a
    fan fiction it would be David and Louis)

  11. David Pakman and Secular sounds like a better idea. Shure would be a better
    ship partner to Cenk. Just saying.

  12. Someone would have to seriously messed up in the head to want to write
    something or even think about that. Asian cartoons are so weird, people
    need to grow up. 

  13. Anime (animation/cartoons), Manga (magazine/comic strip), or Hentai if it’s
    more explicit and fringe Anime and/or Manga.

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